Morality of Animal Testing

Morality of Animal Testing
Humans want to live long, healthy lives. In fact, animals may want too as well. If humans want this, the chance to do so should be given to animals as well. So, animals should not have their fur used on any fashion items. Also, they should not be used to test products on. This can save many animals, and many species. Animals should be preserved for as long as possible, and having many skinned for clothes for no good reason does not help this situation. Testing products on them can also cause mutations. Animals should not be put in grief for a human?s glamour.
Animals? fur and parts are very valuable in two different ways. The first way is to money. When real animal fur is put on clothes, the value and price of that item increases a lot. This should not happen as there should not be a price put on an animal because it is a living that deserves to be treated fairly too. The other value of animal fur is to the animal itself. An animal and its fur have the same relationship as a human and his or her skin. As a human cherishes his or her skin, an animal must do so as well. The price of the animals? well-being should definitely outweigh the designer jacket fur is on.
Animal testing is very common and needs to be stopped. It is done on things as simple for day to day usage, like shampoos, to products which are on their ways to being the cure for cancer. A cure for cancer can be found without killing off so many rats. No one exactly knows what goes on exactly in a rat?s mind. However, at some point, humans can realize that animals should be given the chance to live. If they did not want to live, they would find some way to die. But, talking away an animal?s chance is wrong. Whether people know it or not, animal testing is extremely common and is done every day in different labs of the world. Testing is just one more way that animals are growing rarer each day.
To be realistic, the use of animals in products cannot be stopped completely. Whether it is made a huge deal of or not, there will always be those couple of people who decide that it is okay. While this is being practical, it is being somewhat pessimistic as well. The world, as a whole, should work together to accomplish many things. One chief cause that needs to be made aware is animal testing and usage. Even if testing cannot be completely stopped, animal usage on close should be stopped. This may be change, but it is possible, while people do use fake fur, even today. Fake fur can add a sense of style without killing something. If one were to wear an item with real fur, they are almost indirectly charged for murder. Even though testing and product use may not be completely stopped, it is still okay to reach for it.
If the word is spread to stop animal usage in this way, some may ask why. To be honest, whether is clicks in one?s mind or not, humans would not be able to survive without animals. It should be the other way around as well, but killing off these animals does not help this two-way street. Animals better our world by keeping the environment healthy. Some kill off harmful bugs. Others help trees they live in. If, one by one, all animals are killed off, then the Earth would be in dangerous situation. Not to mention, the animals also give beauty to our environment.
Animal testing and using is like a chain of dominoes or even a snowball rolling down a hill. It starts with a couple thinking it is okay to slash off a couple lemurs. That mindset slowly veers off to let people think that they can do so as well. Eventually, there are people all over the world thinking that everyone should stop, but they are one person doing something. But, no. Everyone should stop. They are not one person. They are a part of a group of people hurting our environment together, and it is wrong and it needs to stop.
As there have been many efforts to stop animal testing and product usage already, people have said things to counter these protests. It has been said that it is purely impossible to stop animal testing, fur usage, and other harms of the such. However, if everyone makes a small effort, it is possible. Others say that it is too big a job to get done. This also is wrong because if people who truly have a purpose to stop this, they can write letters to the government and get involved. If one can do this, then perhaps leaders can get the whole world involved, because, remember, this is job that everyone in the human race needs to get involved in. Everything against this argument does not outweigh the lives of animals.
Not using animals like this is also like the golden rule. This is mentioned in many religions. Whether one is a Christian, Muslim, Judaist, Buddhist, Hindu, or even an Atheist, it is simple humanity which states ?do unto others as you would have them do unto you?. If animals led this world like humans, humans would not want to be treated how animals really are. This is down-right wrong, and needs to be stopped. Everyone needs to stop. Humans definitely want to be treated fairly, as people make protests, vote, and are awarded rights. As Atticus Finch once said, ?You never really understand someone until you climb into their skin and walk a mile in it.? Remember, even animals deserve the golden rule.
Treating animals like when skinning them or using them for testing also causes mutations and diseases. Humans fight these diseases and do their best to do so. Animals deserve the same. Animals deserve rights, and they shouldn?t be treated as nothing. They have lives and deserve to make the most of them.
All in all, animals need to be stopped being killed off for their skin or being testing products on. Remember they are living and need to have a chance in life. This is simple human rights. Stop this. Do all in your power to do so. Also keep in mind that animals should not be put in danger for a human?s sense of style. Tell people not to put them into grief for that human?s sense of style.

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