Global Warming and Recycling: Why Are so Few People Involved?

Global Warming and Recycling: Why Are so Few People Involved?
Global warming and recycling, todays most common issues. Its the most
common and harmful, ,affective on many people and places in different
ways.Global warming starts when people dont recycle. People believe that global warming began since the industrial revolution during the 18th century. Many people today say that were going to die the year if 2011.
Since a rare amount of people recycle I think that at points is ture. Most people
who recycle says kids ages 10 and older are the cause of if all. Wich is because
they say we liter all the time and dont care about recycling.
Global warming is when temperture rises sky high especially in places
that it shouldn?t. When global warming is in action, places that are Antarctica
and Alaska. In Antarctica, glaciers are falling down wich some animals depend
on to live. Not only the glaciers but the ice from the waters are melting wich
make it hard for peguins,polar bear, e.t.c hard to survive. The last region, 50
years ago since global warming started Antarctica tempeture has increased
about 2.5?C. This is 2 or 3 times faster than the average in the rest of the world. Effects of Global warming can finish the human life. Agriculture thrown into turmoil, public heath could suffer, warmer temperatures would widen the range of disease carrying rodents and mosquitoes, stronger sunlight and warmer temperature could cause respiratory illness, hot spells would be come more frequent leading to heat related deaths.

Recycling is separating, collecting, processing, and ultimately using a material that would have been thrown away. Basically when you reuse the materials or manufactured into new ones. When you recycle it takes less money, less energy, and less of the Earth?s resources. Doing this less factories are being used and it wont pollute the air as much. We should recycle more since it would reduce our landfills and incinerators because it reduces the amount of garbage protects our heatlh and environment because it removes harmful substances and pollution. Recycling reduces the use of raw materials to conserve more natural ones. To save more energy and money you should recycle. Especially since times are real tough.

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