Man Is Our True Enemy

Man Is Our True Enemy
Once someone said Man is our true enemy. And that person was right. In the modern time (now) the word enemy means: A hostile power or force such as a nation. As an example let?s take the Middle East nations suck as Iraq. We can also be our own enemy. How? By testing nuclear devises or dispose of hazardous materials in the environment suck as potation.
Why are we been our own enemy? By trying to develop our selves we extract negative effects out of our positive efforts. Example we make fire to warm our selves and to kook our food to be able to survive but in the same time we are killing our planet by the CO2 which is drown out from the fire and which enhances the green house effect which is already above normal.

Another reason is that it is in man?s nature to desires more in economical and territorial means. For example a president of a certain country would give order to create weapons off mass distraction, which explode at an imaginary force. And he would use them to slather millions of innocent individuals just to achieve his goal. This was proven to us in the Hiroshima and Nagasaki nuclear bombing.

We are also our enemy in our awry day lives. Example Transportation such as unsafe vehicles likes cars, motorcycles and airplanes. In fact 40% of all unnatural deaths occur in vehicle accidents.

We also harm our self in nourishment by eating unhealthy products, which have artificial color and flavor, which result in heart diseases and strokes.

Another reason we are our own enemy is because we made our selves weak and entirely dependent on technology. For example when the Y2K will come we will to totally unprepared. The water filtration, electricity, gazes, hitting, and bank machines would not work. That means on January 1 2000 we will be left in dark, cold, thirsty and hungry. We would not be able to receive money because computer does the paychecks, and we could not take money from our account because the bank machine would not work. All this work was done by hand before. And just think 50 years ago Y2K would come and go because we were not so dependent on technology and more on our selves.

In my opinion we truly are our only and most feared enemy we try to destroy all the marvelous things God has give us: The planet, nature and our selves as well.

Man Is Our True Enemy 7 of 10 on the basis of 1771 Review.