Chimpanzee Vs. Human

Chimpanzee Vs. Human
Do chimpanzees exert human-like qualities? In the essay ?Selections from Through a Window: My Thirty Years with the Chimpanzees of Gombe,? Jane Goodall explains her studies of the chimpanzees and their human-like qualities. The scientific community does not believe that chimpanzees are like humans in any way. Goodall wants to prove that chimpanzees are more than just a mindless non-human animal; in fact, she believes that chimpanzees are the closest living relatives to humans and that they are a window to the truth that can never be fully revealed. By studying the chimpanzees, we humans will have a better understanding of how the nature of man has evolved from being chimp-like to evolving into Homo sapiens
There are many similarities in chimpanzee and human behaviour?the affectionate, supportive and enduring bonds between family members, the long period of childhood dependency, the importance of learning, non-verbal communication patterns, tool-using and tool-making, cooperation in hunting, sophisticated social manipulations, aggressive territoriality, and a variety of helping behaviours, to name but a few. Similarities in the structure of the brain and central nervous system have led to the emergence of similar intellectual abilities, sensibilities and emotions in our two species.(Goodall)

Along the lines of being similar to one another Goodall states, ?An understanding of chimpanzee behaviour helps to highlight certain aspects of human behaviour that are unique and that do differentiate us from the other living primates.? This helps determine which behaviours of the chimpanzee are closest to imitating human behaviour.

Humans are closely related to the chimpanzee. Just over one percent of our dna differentiates us from the chimpanzees. This is why we use chimpanzees to test new drugs or vaccines. The chimpanzee can give us better results compared to other primates. Testing this way will help make sure the new drugs or vaccines are safe for human use.

So, what will become of the chimpanzee? Goodall answers that question knowing that chimpanzees are not just another mindless animal:

If the chimpanzees themselves survive in freedom, it will be in a few isolated patches of forest grudgingly conceded, where opportunities for genetic exchange between different social groups will be limited or impossible. And, unless we act soon, our closest living relatives may soon exist in captivity, condemned, as a species, to human bondage.(Goodall)

What this means is that if we do not do something to preserve the chimpanzees? home the only way they will survive is by depending on humans to give them what they need to survive. For the chimpanzees to evolve naturally they need their natural jungle environment.

I agree with Goodall, that chimpanzees are more human than science led us to believe. After reading the essay, I now clearly understand how chimps show signs of intelligence, although they have a limit to how much they can learn. Chimps are not just mindless animals. I feel that chimps are our closest living relatives than any other primate. Anyone can just watch a chimpanzee and see how much they are like a human. The chimpanzees can walk on two feet if they want and have the ability to create tools to overcome any problems they may face.

Although the evolution of the chimpanzee has not been completely explained, in my opinion, I feel that over the course of time chimpanzees may have received that just over one percent in their dna and evolved into human beings somewhere along the line. However, I think it may have taken perhaps thousands or even millions of years for man to evolve into what we are today.

When it comes to answering the question, what will become of the chimpanzee, I agree that the chimpanzees will not be of use for anything, and that they will be isolated or thrown out of their different social groups by the dominant chimpanzees. Their chance for survival and evolution may not occur naturally, but with the aid of humans. We must do something now to protect the chimpanzees in their natural environment. I believe that there is more we can learn about the chimpanzee. The more we learn about our counterparts, the closer we come to finding out how humans came into existence.

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