Nature vs. Nurture in Blood Brothers

Nature vs. Nurture in Blood Brothers
As the play goes on, it becomes more and more apparent that Willie
Russell believes that nurture has a lot more to do with the outcome of
someone that nature. He presents this by splitting two twins at birth
and tells of how they were brought up in very different ways, one in a
rich and posh family, Eddie, and one in a big, poor family, Mickey.
He does not go into any detail about how exactly they are brought up,
however, it is quite clear that Eddie has been to a private school and
has had a lot of attention in the first seven years of his life. On
the other hand, Mickey appears to have not received much attention and
would almost definitely have gone to a poor school.
When they meet, the simple fact that they do not realise that they?re
twins, especially when they find out that their birthdays are on the
same day, shows that their physical appearances must have been changed
quite a lot by their parents and environment.

Mickey: ?When?s your birthday??

Eddie: ?December 12th?.

Mickey: ?So is mine.?

It does not give any specific images of any of their appearances but
you would expect Eddie to have a side parting, clean face and may be
chubbier that Mickey due to a better diet and he would have been more
knowledgeable about hygiene. Mickey would probably be quite a grubby
boy and perhaps not as tall as Eddie but he will probably be stronger
that Eddie because of the amount of time spent outside playing. Eddie
would probably have watched the TV or played on a computer because it
was available to him.

Their language, accent and ability to use language contrasts greatly.
Mickey appears to have a posh accent, or just a lot more posh than
Mickey?s. When they first meet the language differences are

Mickey: ?..?because I?m pissed off?.

Eddie (awed) ?Pissed off! You say smashing things, don?t you??

Mickey says things like pissed off and he later says ?the F word?. He
doesn?t know what they mean but has probably heard them being said
around the house or estate by older people who he wants to be like.
Eddie obviously hasn?t heard words like this before as he was brought
up in a well-spoken family and environment and compared to Mickey has
had very little taste of the outside world. He also says words like
smashing which you would never hear Mickey say. He?d probably say
something like great or any much simpler word and when he?s older he
would probably swear somewhere in the sentence. Their accent
obviously isn?t heard but it is extremely likely that Mickey has a
broad Scouse accent whereas Eddie probably has a normal slightly posh

Mickey is a lot less educated than Eddie is. This has much to do with
the wealth of their parents and the time that they have for their
child. Mickey is the last of 8 children in total, so he will have had
a lot less time with his mum in a single parent family. ?With seven
hungry mouths to feed and one more nearly due.? Eddie looks up words
that he doesn?t know in a dictionary. Just after Mickey tells him the
F word he says ?Fantastic. When I get home I shall look that up in
the dictionary?. Mickey responds with ?In the what?? This highlights
the difference in intelligence between them. Eddie knows what a
dictionary is and also how to use it and Mickey doesn?t know either.
Eddie is also very polite to most people, especially Mickey?s mum, and
doesn?t tend to do as many bad things as Mickey. For example Mickey
talked about how he dealt with policemen and Eddie appears to have
never spoken to one, or at least respects them and the law a lot

Later on in their lives, Eddie achieves a lot more financially that
Mickey does. This is almost purely due to do with his family because
he takes over the job from his dad. Mickey later finds out that the
job that he has at the moment is only his because Eddie got it for
him, otherwise he would probably be unemployed. However, Mickey is
married and has lot more friends that Eddie. For example when they
are talking in the factory:

Eddie: ?..?What?s wrong??

Mickey: ?Look it?s ?? its the other lads ?. They?re looking?.

Here, Mickey doesn?t want to be seen with Eddie because he?s the boss
and his friends don?t like him talking to him.

Generally, Willy Russell puts over his views about the nature/nurture
debate very clearly. Mickey has a poor upbringing and becomes poor

whereas Eddie has a good upbringing and becomes very successful.

Nature vs. Nurture in Blood Brothers 8 of 10 on the basis of 1559 Review.