Science Versus Religion

Science Versus Religion
oy, hope, fear, anger, love are all important, physics or chemistry cannot explain emotions yet they are important. Science = Complete truth with evidence. Gives meanings in depth allow us to discover things. However cannot explain our feelings, God or our conscience Religion = something to live for, a path to follow, contact with your emotions. Answers questions like ?what happens when we die? The design argument -???????? Everything in this world must have had a designer. A watch was designed by a watchmaker. The world must have been designed by someone, that designer is god. Science destroyed people?s faith in religion? To an extent, however proves the strength of individuals belief
Christians believe in Genesis.
The creation in 7 days.
God is all powerful.
Humans are God?s most important creation.
Humans have a relationship with God
Humans have a responsibility to take care of the creation
How can we interpret Genesis? Christians traditionally believed that everything in the bible (including the creation stories in Genesis) happened exactly as it was written down. However since science has become more advanced people have began to question the bible. So how do Christians see the bible and Genesis today? Literal = the creation stories are and exact account of how the world was created Progressive = Creation Stories show the order in which the world was created but it took longer than 7 days. E.g. 1 day = 1 million years Symbolic = Stories show that god created the world and everything in it but they do not explain how the world was created Evolution = A theory to explain how humanity come to existence. Animals gradually adapting to fit the environment. The stronger animals and plants survive and the weaker become extinct, this is called natural selection. Each generation have a slightly different characteristics resulting in a gradual change. Darwin says we have adapted to modern environments. Christian?s beliefs about Evolution Look apon it as a threat to their faith as it challenges the authority of the bible If the bible is wrong on this maybe it is wrong on lots of other things as well? Some see no contradictions between Genesis and evolution; they consider the bible as thr truth about God and his relationships with human beings, not the scientific side. They see natural selection as believable and Genesis account with there relationship between God, human beings. Can you prove God exists? Everything in this world has a First Cause, trace everything back and there must have been something that triggered it. Some believe God is the first cause of the world of the big bang. Every single thing traces back to God. Like dominoes The Big Bang theory says that the universe began as dense mass, it then began to grow with the speed and force of an explosion, everything came from this, earth planets. Some believe is not changing and had no beginning Some believe it happened by pure chance What makes animals different to humans? We are more intelligent Our emotions more advanced We have a conscience, animals rely on instinct Different communication techniques Every human unique Adapt to any climate Stewardship Christians believe people were put on this earth to act as stewards. A steward is someone who takes responsibility for the welfare of others In the bible, people were given this care taking role when created Genesis 1: 26 ?Then God said ,?Let us make man in out image, in out likeness, and let them ule over the fish of the sea and the birds of the air, over the livestock, over all the earth and over all the creatures that move along the ground? Christians are taught not to be greedy and instead concentrate on God and caring for the poor christian response TO environmental issues Some people blame Christians for giving people the impression that they have the right to do whatever they want as the bible says rule over other species Christians as stewards of the earth join campaigns and protests. E.g. Green peace More care taken in everyday lives to avoid unnecessary damage to the environment, e.g. recycling

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