Creation vs. Evolution

Creation vs. Evolution
The argument over how the earth was created has been an ongoing battle for many years. Who really knows if some supreme being created the universe, or if it was the end result of a massive explosion from a single atom? Creation, as defined by Webster?s Ninth New Collegiate Dictionary, is ?the act of bringing the world into ordered existence? (Webster?s, 304). This seems to imply an immediate action, where the world just appeared and existence all of a sudden began. One argument against Creation is the theory of Evolution, which is defined as ?a theory that the various types of animals and plants have their origin in other preexisting types and that the distinguishable differences are due to modifications in successive generations? (Webster?s, 431). This simple statement refers to the environment that exists around us today experienced billions of years of changing and adjusting since the beginning of time. The truth of how the world was created still puzzles the minds of every human being even to this day. One can only choose a side and try their best to stand by their beliefs. Through all of the chaos and mayhem, both sides manage to adopt points that basically state the same thing. Supporters of Creation and evolutionists both agree on the following: the earth went from virtually nothing to what it is today, humans walk the earth as the supreme beings on the planet, and the world will eventually become extinct. Both theories result in the world being what it is today; and neither of the explanations for our planet?s origin would affect our lives today.
The Big Bang Theory advocates that the universe today, was once merely a single atom of enormous energy billions of years ago. After the huge explosion, individual atoms and molecules bonded together to eventually form the earth and all the life that roams its lands. It took a process of many long years for single-celled organisms to form the complex structures of mountains, plants and animals that we see today (Siegel). Scientists today are still finding new organisms that they have never seen before, so the earth is still evolving after billions of years. The Holy Bible does reveals that when the earth was born, not much had occupied the earth; but process of how everything got here differs slightly from evolution. In the Holy Bible, the first verse of the book of ?Genesis? states, ?In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth? (Genesis. 1.1). This means there was nothing in the beginning. The process of completing the earth only took seven days instead of many years, but the presence of human life forms was still virtually non-existent. God only created a single garden with a countless amount of animals. The Bible never says anything about Him creating more humans than Adam and Eve; so many long nights were spent getting the population of the earth up to the amount it is today. Over the course of many years, a great deal of hard work and time has been spent creating large cities and countries across the world. So even the evolution of our environment and the human race had to take place after the creation in the sense that our society today is larger and more advanced than centuries before.

Both theories award mankind as the most powerful species to roam the planet. The Holy Bible states that man was created as a spitting image of God himself. He awarded qualities to mankind that no other plant or animal had the capabilities of duplicating. Adam, the first man, was appointed as the keeper of the garden, which basically established man as the greatest being on earth. Jesus, who the Bible shows to be the most powerful being to ever walk the earth, was also in the form of a man. Evolution also relates this point of man being the greater species on earth. Many centuries before skyscrapers and automobiles were introduced to the earth, plants and animals were basically the only forms of life on the planet. The Homo sapien was nowhere to be found. Life on earth is all about the survival of the fittest; those that are weak will die out. As the years progressed, the earth experienced several changes. Evolutionists say that humans evolved from primates. As the earth changed, these primates had to adapt to their environment. They became the most dominant species on the earth as they used every natural resource to its fullest potential; they earned the spot at the top of the food chain. Eventually, the primate evolved into what is now the human being, the most dominating creature on the earth. So whether we were created at an instant, in the image of God, or created step-by-step over time, the result is the same. We are still human and still here.

Many arguments have been made over how the Earth and its surroundings first came into existence. The fire of this issue has kindled for centuries, but there is a simple fact that both sides seem to agree upon. The Earth as we know it today will eventually come to an end. Christians believe that the earth will be demolished when God is finally fed up with all of the sins that man has performed, and the only way to make things right is to destroy everything and start with a fresh page. The Holy Bible states that water or a flood will never destroy the world a second time, the next destruction will be through fire and brimstone; life, itself, will come to an end. The chosen few who will start the new world off right again must have been saved and faithful to their Lord and Savior. The theory of Evolution also includes our impothetical destruction. There are many theories about how the world will end, but the one that most evolutionists accept is that a meteorite will seal the earth?s fate. Many scientists believe that mankind will no longer roam earth within a matter of a few years. An enormous asteroid of some sort will strike the earth, causing amazing explosions and tremendous volcanic action. The effect will be so great that no living creature will survive its carnage. Those select few who manage to make it past the actual event will cease within a matter of days due to the loss of all natural resources and no clean air to breathe. Scientists are working hard to find other planets suitable enough for humans to survive on. A select few will move on after the destruction of the earth to carry over the ways of mankind to the next world (Siegel). The two theories are very comparable as they state the world?s fate of massive chaos; and that the human race will continue to live on, but only a select few. This ending is slightly different from the Holy Bible as that says mankind will continue to survive on Earth after the great destruction. Though the sources of complete annihilation are two entirely different stories, each side has an imagery of life on earth coming to a fiery end and human life continuing to survive.

The ongoing battle of how the earth and living beings were created will never diminish. No one will ever really know due to the fact that nothing was alive the earth was came into existence. The event of creation is a point in the past that can never be lived again. Both Creationism and Evolution reveal that no living creature was alive at the time of original birth. Even if the actual truth were revealed it would not change anyone?s life, only add more faith to the followers of the correct theory. The sun will still shine and people will continue to receive their paychecks on Friday. Whether we got here through Creationism or Evolution. How it all began does not matter, they are each a different route to the same conclusion.

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