Animal Rights

Animal Rights
Through the course of evolution both the animal and the human species have evolved; humans ironically taking form from prehistoric animals as well.
As our body and mind have evolved we have separated from each other on this so called hierchy chain. The human species once a hunter similar to Paleolithic animals have now assumed the dominant role on this planet. Unavoidably there are obstacles such as disease, and pollution that we cannot overcome at this period in time; diseases and colds being the sole killer of almost a quarter of the life form on this planet. J.B.S Haldanes, ?Some enemies of science? (1928) Persuades readers towards emotional, rather than ethical responses regarding the constant struggle in the right to use animals for medical, and physiological research (pp 225-230). In regards to Mr. Haldanes position on the matter, that rules and regulations required to be filled out for animal experimentation, ?anti vivisectionists who are against all painful or possible painful experiments? (1 p 227) that apparently have no results for science as well as the lies on pain and suffering in animals stated by anti-vivisectionists need to be cleared up and made understandable. These laws and allegations must be permitted, and truthfully told for us as a people to succeed in science.
J.B.S Haldane?s Work?s on science have sparked many controversial arguments with animal rights, and anti-vivisectionists regarding the fight on animal experimentation. Today in many countries as well as England in 1928 the procedure to obtain permission for animal experimentation is a long and horrendous procedure. In 1928, under the British Law Code ?scientists had to obtain a license for virtually painless experiments? that are only permitted to be carried out in a small number of scientific laboratories. (2 p 226) Today in North America and England laws are being passed out by the dozen regarding the use of animals-specifically what type of animal, and for the type of scientific experiment. Due to these growing animal rights laws as well as a large number of anti-vivisectionists protesting, scientists are being debarred from a wide field of science. Arguably if these rules are not cut down and procedures are held at a medium or minimum, science regarding disease; that saves human lives, will therefore fall behind as we proceed into the future. If it is the extinction of animals or the pain that most people worry about, there are simple explanations. Evolution and natural selection has been happening for centuries. Animals that are on the brink of extinction will develop new species better suited for this natural environment, or as humans have been doing so for the last half of the 21st century breed and establish an environment for these animals. Pain and suffering of animals are held to a minimum due to anesthetics, and other pain killers.

Scientist is faced with the reputation as evil maniacal men that are torturing, and making animal suffer. They are seen injecting disease and drugs into animals that in the end will eventually kill it. We see scientist open up animals in experiments; afterwards the animals dies. Yet most people against animal experimentation do no consider that these animals are drugged and do no feel anything that is happening to them. Though without any hesitation animal deaths in a laboratory are the worse types of deaths. Aldine(1928) uses an example that ?The sportsman may go out and shoot as many rabbits as he pleases; and if some of them are wounded and escape to die in lingering deaths in their holes, no blame attaches to him. But if he anaesthetizes one of his own rabbits at home, and opens his abdomen to observe the effect of drug on its intestines, killing it before it recovers consciousness, he will be lucky if he escapes with a fine?.(3 p 226)
Antivivisectionist I believe do not understand that out in the real world there are animals dying from the sensation of killing a living thing while it is still alive rather than having no pain and for a purpose. These beliefs held by many are continued to be distributed into society.

Beliefs and ideas that are constantly on television, newspapers, magazines and flyers depict a world of horror for animals. The views that are shown are sometimes subliminal and may not be real. In the essay " Some Enemies Of Science"(1928) provides us with an example of flyer from a scientific periodical called Transaction Of Phsyiological Society that illustrated a picture of a oven that dogs were burned in while scientists watched from a window.(4 p228)
These dogs similar to other animals were apparently stolen while they were wondering in the streets. David Suzuki?s ?The Pain of Animals? (1989) reveals American laboratories that was using chimpanzees for science, and were kept in horrific conditions. (5 p 269). These are just some of the few visualistic ideas thrown at society. The thought of a dog being burned alive even upsets my stomach, and I probably would have changed my views towards science I Haldane wouldn?t have told us that this article was never published in a real scientific periodical but instead it was just another fake story created so that people would change their minds and maybe do something about animal rights.
David Suzuki?s example was shown to renowned ape lover Jane Goodall who was horrified at the conditions these apes were kept in. Stating on the (bbc wildlife, April 1988) ?Chimps are not like captive animals that we know. In the wild they are highly social, requiring constant interaction and physical contact?. (6 p269)
Miss Goodall?s reactions are a cry out to humanity to let these animals go, and she will be taken seriously because of her work on chimpanzees. Yet these animals are being used to viral and other scientific research. They are used because they simply relate to our genetic makeup and have made huge improvements against the fight of hiv and other diseases because of our study on them. If we where to take away our many resource for scientific viral advancements we would have to resort to humans. This would be similar to scientist of the Nazis during word war II. Chimpanzees and other animals are crucial for our sake because we do not yet have the advancements to create computer visual imaging and processing for bacteria on the animal or human body.

Animals rights are held entirely too high in regard. Many activists do not realize the benefits of testing on animals. They claim that it is ?unethical? or ?cruel? to perform. We must eliminate the laws that require tons and tons of paper work for an experiment, we must realize that to achieve a goal in science someone may have to suffer a little and humans come at to much of a cost. We must also eliminate the lies that are told about animal testing because the truth is, the world has advanced as advanced tremendously medically, and educationally because of animal experiments.

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