Energy and Power

Energy and Power
Although I am surrounded by energy and power, I never really knew just how much they mean to the world. However, after learning about the fundamentals of energy, I have a much deeper understanding of their magnitude. In this paper, I will reflect back on what I have learned about energy, and how it has affected me personally. For instance, I know now that the power I am using to sit here and type is roughly equivalent to the power used by an incandescent light bulb, but that is only the beginning.
Energy is all around us, but to create power, we need to harness it. I never thought about the fact that everything on earth has some type of energy, and until this course I never even knew the six different types. Now, I can make the connection between two types of energy, and know that fire requires a transition between chemical and thermal energy. Now I am able to understand that even natural processes, like photosynthesis, require multiple types of energy, and it has allowed me to think about energy on a much higher level than I used to. For instance, the fact that I know the First Law of Thermodynamics and would be able to hold an intelligent conversation about the subject has given me the type of confidence a Harvard graduate acquires upon being handed their diploma. Now, beginning to learn about coal has awakened a new curiosity in me, as this source of energy is a large part of my family?s history. I am amazed by the things I have learned so far in this class, and look forward to more energy epiphanies throughout the semester.

I took this course planning to learn about the environment, and how our use of energy affects the world we live in. I never anticipated that the things I learned in just the first few weeks of this course would lead me to change my own daily activities. Reading about the amounts of energy consumed in past years, and projections for the future, made me realize we need to start conserving now (?Environmental?? 2001). When I learned how much energy the United States consumed in a single year in BTU?s, I began conserving my energy much more than I used to. I never knew that our country consumed more energy than is given off in the explosion of a hydrogen bomb (?Annual??2004). Therefore, I am much more careful about turning off my lights, conserving my heat, and taking shorter showers. I would much rather know that I am doing my part to conserve the precious energy that we have, than know that I am lavishly wasting it. Until this course, I never would have understood the importance of energy conservation, but being able to convert the amount of energy that I use into different medias, such as horsepower, watts and Calories, has shown me just how much of a difference a single person can make (Texas, February 2005).

As a single student in egee 101, the knowledge I have gained so far has only affected me, and maybe a few of my closest friends. As a class, I believe we can make a large difference, and as a campus, an even larger one. Learning new things about energy everyday permits me to use that knowledge in a useful manner, unlike other subjects in which the material cannot help one change their own world. This course has forced me to look at energy and power in a whole different light, and it is this new perspective that has shown me, sometimes it can be better for everyone if I work in the dark.

Energy and Power 7.1 of 10 on the basis of 4080 Review.