Today more then ever one can sit back and look out upon the world around them. One can look in the homes and see the children busy with homework. One can see the computers sorting through mass amounts of information. One can also see nature exist as it has for countless years. Over history as the Human race has developed it has taken a fascination in the world around it. It?s main query is what separates it from the rest of what can be found on this small blue green planet called Earth? One of the commonly held answers to this is intelligence; but what is intelligence? What has it and what dose not? This is what shall be covered through the duration of this paper.
Intelligence- The ability to process the information found in one?s surroundings and use it to make a logical decision based on more then just environmental stimuli. The ability to store that information until it is further needed. The ability to build upon the previously known information to help to improve the conditions of that beings existence.
This definition covers all the main points in which an intelligent being should have. This said there may result some confusion as to what certain words imply, because of this the next few sentences shall be devoted to clearing such confusion. The first word is surroundings; Surroundings are the habitat or environment in which that being can be found. Logic is the second word; it calls for the being to work on more then an impulse level and think in terms of cause and effect. Stimuli are the main forces of nature such as: heat, cold, hunger, thirst, sex impulse, etc.. To improve the conditions of that beings existence means simply to strive to create a better way of life through use of tool and(or) communication. Hopefully this has cleared any doubts about the direction in which the definition travels. In the next sections it shall be shown what is a perfect example of intelligence, an example of a being who is close to but not quite intelligent, and finally a being who could be intelligent except for one or two major flaws.
The perfect example of intelligence is the Human being. This creature is intelligent because it can make logical decisions based on more then impulse. They can store this information and add to it to allow them to have a greater understanding of latter events that may arise. Finally can build upon this knowledge to help their way of life, they have communication and have tools which allow them to create object to help their over all state of being. Humans have intelligence because they have passed every test found within the definition.
Now it shall be shown that the dog is close to but not actually intelligent. The dog found in today?s world can be taught tricks but cannot learn to use them for more then a basic instinct. They have not, as of yet used tools or communicate in any real way to improve the life in which they live. The dog is not intelligent because it can learn and it can remember but it cannot think logically or use it?s information to improve it?s life.
Finally there is the computer. This machine can do computations at a rate in which just a few years ago seemed impossible, but dose this make it intelligent? The computer cannot make decisions logical or other, it requires a being to operate it and feed it the information in which it uses. It also never actually builds upon the knowledge that it has, it simply sits inanimate until it is needed. The computer may seem to be intelligent, but upon closer examination it can be seen that it can do nothing more then what it is told.
Hopefully now after reading this you have a better understanding of what intelligence is and who(or what) dose and dose not have it.

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