Effects of Global Warming

Effects of Global Warming
An issue that has been stirring up controversy all over the news and in the current presidential debate is global warming. The effects have been seen all over the world and global warming is quickly becoming a major topic of concern.
Global warming is the increase of the earth?s temperature. When the earth?s temperature increases, we have a climate change. When this climate change occurs, so do the changes in the sea level, rainfall, wildlife, and this obviously affects humans. (Globalwarming) It is caused by the release of carbon dioxide also known as Co2. Carbon dioxide is released by the use of man made fossil fuels, such as oil, coal and naturals gasses. Co2 traps heat inside the earth?s atmosphere that would usually be in outer space, which causes the Greenhouse Effect. As the earth?s surface heats it becomes too warm to live in and many people, animals and plants will suffer. (epa)
The earth?s temperature naturally changes over the years, but over the last half of century, the record high temperatures drastically increased. Scientists have even warned us that in the last ten years we have had record high temperatures, which means the average temperatures in the United States could increase up to nine degrees. (ndrc)
A major result of global warming that I have noticed by living in Florida is that it is making the hurricanes stronger and more treacherous. Every year, Florida gets hit by hurricanes and tropical storms, but during the last five years the damages have really increased. There has been lots of damage done to my home and neighborhood. As a resident of Florida, I have to take more precautions when these storms hit, because I never know how strong they can become. We have had our roof blown off, flood damage and trees falling over in our home. Global warming makes the ocean water warmer, which makes the storms much more powerful. They can easily jump from a category 2 to a category 4 storm. Again, there has been lots of damage done to my home and my neighborhood. (ndrc)
Another frightening effect of Global warming is the rising of the sea levels. Scientists have discovered that this could eventually lead to coastal flooding. Areas in the United States that could be heavily affected are all of the eastern sea board, areas of Gulf of Mexico, and almost all of Florida. My favorite places like the Florida Keys could soon be underground if we do not put a stop to this. (nrdc)
Since ice has started to melt approximately three weeks earlier than it did 35 years ago, we are starting to notice a rapid decline in polar bears. When the ice is melting and flouting, it affects the animal?s survival. During the last three weeks the melting ice, which is the best time of the year for feeding. Polar bear researchers predict that the number of bears will decline almost by 30 percent in the following 35 to 50 years. (Theage)
I visited Alaska with my father a few years ago. What surprised me the most was, how warm it was there. I talked too many of the locals, who told me that they have experienced record high temperatures. During my visit I saw the glaciers in different parts of Alaska. The glaciers there were melting and it was a very sad site to see, how much our earth is changing. My tour guide told our group that the glaciers will continue melting at an alarming rate if global warming continues. I was very fortunate to see this extraordinary environment, which one day might be gone.
When it comes to choosing a presidential candidate this upcoming November, I want to choose a candidate who will help protect our planet against global warming. I want to choose Barack Obama because he has promised to help cut greenhouse gases. He wants alternative sources of energy, including wind and solar, not only to save dollars but to ease our earth threatening oil dependence.
It is evident that global warming has profound impact on the earth we live on and each of our daily lives. From deciding on whom to vote for as our next president to how much we fill up at the tank, our decisions range from affecting the polar bears to our future sons and daughters. The temperatures are increasing and so are our energy bills. The health and safety of every living thing is in danger. Our world is changing whether or not we want to admit it is our fault or not, just how far out of our control we are willing to let it become and how much it impacts our lives is actually entirely up to the decisions we make right now.

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