Human Resources Problem

Human Resources Problem
Subject Analyze the ways to enhance listening skills of the newly hired employees thus eliminate the problems of poor performance and misunderstanding caused by them.

Recent review of the drilling and engineering department showed that for the last six months performance of the department had worsened. Before, the department was one of the best . Six months ago number of people left the department due to their personal problems. That period was very tough for the company. Whole department was actively engaged in the new project. Unexpected leave of the employees and urgent need for the workers forced managers to hire new workers in a very short period of time without substantial review. New employees had good resumes and seemed enthusiastic about the job. It was expected that in the beginning new employees will adapt to the working environment performance of the department will go down. But time was passing and the performance didn?t seem to get better. Senior managers started to get worry about the issue. If performance of the department would not increase the company can face real big problems with the project and loose a lot of profit
I as a Human Resources manager decide to examine the problem in the details. I spoke with the managers of the department. They told me about a problem with the new employees; they have acquired all the necessary skills, they are diligent, always on the time but seems that there are misunderstanding between them and their supervisors. Employees usually fail to comply with the task given to them, they misunderstand the assignment and then supervisors need to explain them again what they want and from the second or maybe even from the third time the employees succeed. Because of the misunderstanding the work process slows down hence performance worsens. ?They just don?t listen? ? concluded the manager.

The last sentence caught my attention. I needed to understand the reason for the misunderstanding and the reason was that employees lacked listening skills. Most of them were recent graduates and didn?t have any work experience, they tended to do everything as they were taught at school and didn?t listen to their supervisors.

For the beginning I would like to know the level of the listening skills of the employees. For this purpose it will be necessary to conduct Listening tests to see how attentively they are listening.

Then when the situation is clear to effectively eliminate the problem with the listening we should take number of steps. First of them will be- to make the new employees aware that they need to improve their listening skills. It is useless to help people to overcome their problems when they do not know or do not realize what their problems are. If we start to help employees to enhance their listening skills without them understanding that their listening skills are bad ? the results will be inefficient. The best way will be to organize a meeting with the workers and tell the situation about their performance without telling the presumable reasons for it. The task here will be to make the employees to identify what their problem is . Me and other people who will facilitate the meeting may ask questions like ? Why do you think the problem of misunderstanding exists??, ? Do you have problems with the supervisors?. After it will be clear that the listening problem exists we will ask employees to point major benefits of good listening at work and ways to be a good listener.
?To become a better listener, you should do the following:
1. Look the part: Face the speaker and display feedback that the message is being heard and understood. Lean toward the speaker to show interest. Maintain eye contact at least 80 percent of the time. Do not distract the speaker with strange facial expressions and fidgeting.
2. Listen for nonverbal messages: Observe the speaker?s body language, gestures, and the physical distance. Observe the speaker?s facial expressions, eyes, mouths, and hands for hidden messages.
3. Listen for the main points: Filter out the nonessential and look for the principal message of the words.
4. Be silent before replying: Be certain that the speaker is completely finished speaking before you attempt to speak. Resist the temptation to interrupt unnecessarily.
5. Ask questions: It is appropriate to question the speaker in order to clarify meanings and reinforce messages heard.
6. Sense how the speaker is feeling: To receive the complete message, it is important to sift out any feelings the speaker is trying to convey. Determine what the speaker is not saying.
7. Take notes: Jotting down important ideas allows you to review the message at a later time and reinforces the information heard/learned.
8. Be available: To be spoken to, one must be available. Get out from behind your desk and papers. Stop your work and concentrate totally on the speaker.?
(the employees could hung tips on the office wall.). In conclusion of the meeting we would ask them to be more attentive, try to use the tips. Also they will be required to participate in the listening workshop provided by HighGain- ?full service training company specializing in listening? (all the fees will be paid ). The workshop that the employees will attend will be Dynamic Listening: The Key to Positive Results Telecourse-? 6-week, advanced listening telecourse that uses a series of telephone conferences, web seminars, and exercises inside and outside of the telecourse.? In the workshop participants will learn current listening issues and patterns, acquire skill and will create ? a plan for the knowledge integration?. After the training will be over the employees will be required to write their impressions about the training and why do they think it was or it was not useful. After the training we can conduct listening test again to see how the results improved

Without listening it is impossible to communicate in the business and without communicating it is hard to act. New, inexperienced employees needed to undergo whole listening training to improve their communication with their supervisors. I suggested to the senior managers to conduct listening tests during the recruitment. As the saying goes It pays to listen

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