Smoking and the Effects of It

Smoking and the Effects of It
Smoking is known as one of the worst habits to break. Most people who start never quit just because it is just too hard to quit or they are just so addicted to the chemicals that the tobacco companies use in their cigarettes and don?t see the real problems that smoking can cause. If smoking did the same thing as it did on the outside as it does on the inside, how many people do you think will smoke then?
Everyday, about 3,000 teenagers smoke their first cigarette. About half of those teenagers become addicted and then regular smokers before the age of eighteen. About one third of these teenagers will die of lung cancer, heart disease, leukemia, or some other smoke related problems or diseases.

Cigarettes contain formaldehyde, cyanide, and nicotine, three very dangerous drugs. Formaldehyde is a substance that preserves frogs for most science classes. Then there?s cyanide, which is found in rat poison. And finally there?s nicotine, which is the substance found in most of the common bug sprays. Nicotine is also the most addictive part of the cigarette. It is a highly toxic substance found in all tobacco products. Smokeless tobacco is just as dangerous as regular smoking, but more addictive that a regular cigarette.

Teenagers who smoke have signs of blood vessel damage. This can lead to serious types of heart disease or even one day a stroke. They also have shortage of breath three times more often than a non-smoker and can?t run nearly as long. Almost three-quarters of teenagers, who smoke regularly, find it harder to quit than if you just start as an adult does. They also go through the same thing adults do.

Most children become addicted before the age of fourteen. Kids under the age of eighteen spend over one billion dollars a year on trying to buy cigarettes. The C.D.C. says that the earlier you talk to kids about smoking, the better off they will be in the long run and never start this bad habit.

Studies show that people don?t just die from smoking, but from second-hand smoke as well. About 40,000 non-smokers die each year from second-hand smoke. It causes lung cancer and heard disease just like smoking does to a smoker, but to someone who doesn?t. Do you really think that?s fair to the many non-smokers everywhere? They try to separate the smokers from the non-smokers by two different sections in restaurants and other public places, but the truth is that they all know it doesn?t work.

If you stop smoking your health will increase drastically and you will notice some big changes like:

 20 minutes after you quit: blood pressure falls and pulse rate return to normal
 48 hours: taste and smell is enhanced
 2 weeks to 3 months: blood circulation improves and lung functions increase up to thirty percent
 1-9 months: lung functions continue to improve
 1 year: excessive risk of heart disease is half that of a regular smoker
 5 years: rate of lung cancer death drops by almost half. Risk of stroke is also reduced to that of a non-smoker five to fifteen years after quitting. The risk of cancer of the month and throat is cut in half.

Heart disease, some types of cancers, and other respiratory diseases are some of the many effects that smoking puts on a person. About 40,000 Americans dies each year from some kind of tobacco product. Whether it is cigarettes, cigars, or chewing tobacco. Even though every smoker is aware of how bad smoking is for you, millions of people still continue to smoke because it is one of the worst habits to quit. It is so hard to quit because of the amount of nicotine the tobacco companies put in cigarettes.

Most teenagers smoke because they think that it?s the ?cool? thing to do or they just want to fit in, but everyone knows it?s not. It can make you very sick and make the other people around you very uncomfortable. You also increase the chance of an earlier death at an earlier age than non-smoking teenagers do. A major factor about teenagers and cigarettes are seen in the media and in other advertising. You see ads for cigarettes on billboards, magazines, television, on the radio, but the worst is peer pressure. A show on TV shows two girls smoking and they?re both under eighteen. What do you think the intent of the show was?

The problem with cigarettes isn?t just what it can do to a person?s body, but what it does to their money and the taxpayer?s money. If a person smokes ten cigarettes a day, that?s thirty dollars a month and about four hundred dollars a year just to support a terrible habit that can effect your long-term health. Most people think that thirty dollars a month isn?t all that bad, but don?t you think that you health is worth a little more than that?

In 1997 alone, three million people died from cigarettes and other tobacco products and the numbers keep going up each year. Studies show that?s every ten minutes a person dies from some type of tobacco product. And in the year 2020, these numbers will be up to at least ten million and still climbing. To get these numbers down, some countries and states in the United States, passes laws that regulate smoking in public or even banned smoking altogether. But the other states and countries encourage smoking with advertising and different techniques like that, the same way we try to get people in our own country to smoke.

When you quit smoking, and quit for good, you go through what is called withdrawal. A lot of symptoms are sweating, rapid pulse, increase in hand tremors, insomnia, nausea or vomiting, physical agitation, anxiety attacks, transient, visual, tactile, or auditory hallucinations or illness, and grand mal seizures. Also to help you through these, there are a lot of different products on the market today like the patches, gum, hypnosis, acupuncture, a new drug called Zyban, or just quitting ?cold turkey.? The best way to quit smoking is ?cold turkey? because in most cases when people who use the patch, gum, or any other products out there, usually end up smoking again within a year or so.

Smoking also reduces your social, occupational, and recreational activities. Most restaurants, work places, schools, or any other type of facility that has recreational activities have banned smoking or try to reduce smoking in any way possible for economic purposes like getting more business, then that leads to more money.

The government is going to try to do all they can for the non-smokers of America as well as trying to help the smokers as well. Here what they?re going to do. The Federal Justice Department files a lawsuit against some of the largest tobacco industries in the country on September on 2000 trying to get some of the money back that was spent on health care for smoke related problems. The industries have asked the courts to dismiss the cases. A ruling is expected to come within a year, but still no ruling. Congress refuses to give a lot of money to the Justice Department for the lawsuit. But the Justice Department is getting help for these suits this past year from other government agencies, including the Health and Human Services, the Defense Department, and the Veterans? Administration.

There is already a nationwide tobacco settlement and I think that it should be given some kind of chance to go into affect and work the way the government made it to work. All the fifty states have settled their own tobacco settlements with all the tobacco industries. The settlements provide the states with more than 200 billion dollars in payments over the next twenty-five years. This settlement made fundamental changes in the way the United States markets cigarettes. People agree with companies that are participating in the settlement that the money going into these suits should be used to fund the youth smoking prevention campaigns.
Most tobacco companies have been shaken by these courtroom battles and multibillion-dollar settlements with the states over money spent on treating sick smokers. Big tobacco companies, like Phillip Morris know that smoking causes cancer and other deadly diseases. They are now trying to improve their image by sending out a campaign to
Make it known how they are helping disaster victims, the hungry, abused women and children, and finally by helping people with the disease that they most likely helped cause by tobacco products.

The government believes that everyone?s choice should be respected when it comes to the issue of smoking in public places. Non-smokers should be able to expect a place to be able to be free of smoke and odor, which doesn?t bother them. And at the same time, adults who choose to smoke should be able to do so in a pleasant and comfortable environment.

I don?t smoke and I know that I will never start. I see my mom do it and it just breaks my heart to see what she?s knowingly doing to her body. I want to have a mom like my she does now when I get to her age and from right here, it doesn?t look like I?m going to. Some of the things that I learned while doing this were really scary and it just boggles my mind why people bother to start smoking in the first place. And with some of the things I learned, I don?t want to happen to me. I want to play basketball when I get older, but if I start smoking, I know I won?t be able to.

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