Driving A Cab

Driving A Cab
The effects of driving a cab can vary greatly. Meeting different kinds of people is a major factor when driving a cab. Being confined as a driver of a can effect health conditions. Car trouble can be a problem if the car is not taken care of properly. Violence can be the consequence of picking up the wrong kind of person. Lucky Miller is a 24 years old, part-time cab driver who explains how driving a cab has many different effects his life and health.
?Interesting, live and colorful people,? as Lucky would say, ride in his cab; as a result Lucky meets many of them. One woman he picked up claimed her countrymen were being held captive on the O?Hare landing strip, and she would like to go there. He thought she was sort of wacky and knew she wouldn?t stay in the cab. He told her he could only take her as far as the terminal gate. ?That?s not good enough,? she told Lucky as she hoped out. Lucky often drives businessman to work, he discovered that they do not like to talk that much, it disturbs them. They are usually involved with their policies or whatever they are trying to work on or sell. Younger females do not like to engage in talk either. Lucky thinks they have a fear, which is not talking to strange men. As a result of this, Lucky does not start conversations very often, he waits for his passengers to initiate anything.

Violence is a problem that always lurks in the back of a cab driver?s mind. Since a driver can not fully tell if a person is good or bad, they are never quite sure whom to pick up. One time Lucky picked up a man, who was wearing a nice shirt and slacks, who did not look like a threat at all. They had an amiable conversation the whole trip. The man started talking to Lucky, therefore he did not think anything of the conversation. When they reached their destination, the man pulled a gun on Lucky, and said ?give me your money or I?ll kill you.? This was an eye opener for Lucky, which changed his attitude about whom he would or would not pick up.

Conditions of the cabs were consequently not always in the best of shape. The part-time drivers were usually the ones who got stuck with the worst cars. Many of the cars had low breaks, bald tires and bad valves, because of this the cars were dangerous to transport passengers. It could cause an accident and someone could get seriously hurt. The cab company owners did not do anything about the cabs until they broke down about five or six times. They did not care about the cars or the drivers, they thought of them both as machines.

Bad health conditions can be the result of being a cab driver. Since cabs usually stay within the city limits, they are always among the traffic. City driving is slow and very nerve wracking, which can lead to ulcers and even heart attacks. Drivers sometimes get stressed from people yelling at them. The ventilation system within the cabs are located directly behind the engine; therefore the driver is constantly breathing in his own car?s fumes. Plus he breathes in exhaust from other cars and trucks. Lucky thinks driving a cab tends to shorten you life span if you do it on an on going basis or for a career.

Driving a cab has many different effects. Meeting many interesting people, not knowing what they will be like, having car and health problem are some of the effects of this occupation. I think being a cab driver would be hard. It would be scary and would require a person to be tough. They would have to know how to handle any and all situations that came upon them and solutions to get through them safely.

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