The Effects of Media on Society

The Effects of Media on Society
When it comes to advertisement, and the media a question that comes to mind is: who are we? Are we who the media wants us to be? Many instances people in today?s society rely on the media to tell them how to dress, how to look cool. Yet if we examine the past few years, we see that styles that have boomed so quickly and faded just as fast. Why do these designers change or even worse die out? It?s all about fads. The advertisers do an excellent job of setting these goals in persuading us to purchase their product and because of it, they are constantly coming out with new styles and types of clothing that they want to make popular. We as the consumers are helping these companies to achieve these goals. What we as Americans don?t realize is that these companies and advertisements are ruining us as people. A problem is that we are being who these companies want us to be, or want us to look. We are changing our looks and appearance because of billboards or commercials we see constantly. Also with the current economic struggles, what kind of shoppers are we turning into? We are buying some of the most expensive clothes because it?s what is hot and what is ?hip?. Finally now that we realize all this mess of advertising in our society it makes us ask another question, do we now change the way we buy clothing or the way we watch out appearance. Our society as fallen back on the fact that we will do whatever it takes to be accepted based on the media?s opinion.While going to the mall we pass hundreds of advertisements whether it is driving there and while in the mall. When a shopper sees an attractive person or a picture that catches their eye they look into the ad even more and see what company or brand name is the one that made you do a double take. By looking at the ad a second time you remember the company name and then when you are shopping your mind reminds you to maybe take a look into that store and see what they are all about. We get these instilled images in our mind of how we are supposed to look based on the ad that we passed or the commercial we viewed last night. Some of the pictures that grab our eye are of people that we can never look anything like. These people are models that go tanning and work out 24/7. Most of the American people are not able to look like that. Unfortunately God did not bless all of us with those attributes to look like a model with chiseled abs and a perfect frame. These goals are not realistic for all of today?s society. A huge target that is being populated is the teen population. Teens are the biggest hit on the wallets of parents. The teenage generation is the one that is also keeping most of these companies alive. The companies send out scouts, almost like spies, to watch and observe these teens and see what is popular and they study us like as if we were a frog in a biology class. Well we don?t realize any of this because while they are studying us, we are crossing more advertisements in the street or while reading our Sports Illustrated magazine, or for girls their Cosmopolitan. Kids take money from their parents before going to the mall and they spend a lot of money on brand name items that they saw a model wearing in a picture or because a commercial they viewed with a famous actor or athlete wearing the product. The media manipulates the minds of these young ignorant teens by showing them what they like and making it popular for all.

Shopping sprees, and credit card debt; they go hand in hand. While we go shopping we don?t realize how much money we spend. You know why we don?t realize it? We pay with credit cards; we just swipe it then sign. We don?t ever see the money going from our bank account to the store; we don?t realize it?s all gone till we get our letters in the mail saying how much we owe. In most instances we as teens don?t get these bills; it?s our hard earning, money making parents who get the crushing blow. Shopping allows us to purchase items freely according to the season, especially if it?s back to school. People are constantly shopping, constantly having to have the newest pair of shoes or the most recent line of jeans by Hollister. Clothing companies know how to advertise and the best time for them to advertise is during the holiday season and the end of summer time. They place the most intriguing ads on TV, internet, billboards, and magazines right around those times of years. We are becoming binge shoppers. We shop because we feel we have to shop to keep up with the trend that happens to be hitting its peak. Yet we still don?t get the hint that this trend is eventually going to fade out and then we have to go swiping our debit card again, and again. Now swiping is even easier with the latest swipe as you go technique. The society needs to realize these big brand name companies are influencing them with high priced clothing with strategic advertisement.

Another aspect of this issue is the question of what will we do now that we are aware of these money hungry companies. We as buyers need to be smart and put the brakes on our clothes shopping and understand that we don?t need to be shopping every single two weeks in order to keep up with the fad, which that?s all it is, a fad. Being a well informed citizen on this topic I now begin to second guess the ads or commercials I see. It?s not all about what I see, it is now about, wait, how much does that really cost? Sometimes the question I ask myself is, ?Will I look like that dude after I put on those jeans?? or ?Will girls come flock to me if I wear that cologne?? I have now become very conscious of what and how I buy. I know that I can live in this world without going to get the newest Jordan?s that happen to be the nicest things ever made yet they are $200. I almost like to consider it a shopping diet. I save money on clothes as if I was eating healthier, yet here and there I treat myself to something nice just like a dieter would treat themselves to a piece of chocolate cake. Yet why should shopping be considered a treat? Shopping is somewhat of a necessity for people in everyday life yet, people tend to over pursue their privileged by spending too much when they are mislead by false advertisements. By limiting how much I spend and what I buy; yes I may miss a trend here or there but I?m saving my money for the long run and I am being a responsible shopper and when you try it, it feels pretty good.

To conclude, media is surrounding us and if we don?t get a hold of thing we are going to fall deep into the mess of quicksand that it is creating. We need to stand tall and not be told what to wear, what to eat, and how to act. Be ourselves, not let an advertising company persuade us to buy their product just because some smoking hot model is being shown to us wearing their clothing. The media has its moments and it has times where they try to suck you into their storm of ads and sales that you feel almost obligated to but their product. As a society we all have to realize what is going on around us and with hold our money from it. The fashion that we are witnessing will be here today and gone tomorrow. Shoppers will have to be very conscious in spending and be strong enough not to be persuaded to the point that they will be drooling over a pair of jeans that they saw on a million commercials and hundreds of ads. Media is a monster that at first seems like a cute little dog, when you start to become fond of the dog and then it bites you, at first you get over the bite and keep playing with the puppy because you can?t resist it.

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