The Effects of Media on Our Lives

The Effects of Media on Our Lives
Social Scientists say that the average American watches too much television and plays too many video games. I would agree with this, because in high school that is all I did, but not so much for me anymore. Back when I was in high school that is all I did. Watch television, play Nintendo, hang out with my friends. However, now that I am in college, I have had to change my ways. It helps a lot that I don?t have either one of those in my dorms.
The media though is a really good thing. It helps us relay messages back and forth. It is a very good source of communication. It informs people of what is happening in our community and throughout the world. The media can also be a very bad thing however. It is sometimes used against people. It can relay a different message than what is being shown. It can make people seem like really bad people when they are really are just regular nice people.
How is it that the media can be so affecting to our lives? Why do we have to hear all these awful stories from the media? I think that it should be a new national law that newscasters can only tell good, heart warming stories and leave the bad stuff out of it. I do not believe that any one wants to hear bad news during the day.
The definition of communication is the process of sharing information. This information is both bad and good. For example, the media covering the war in Iraq seems to tell us all the bad news that is happening, but we never seem to hear any good that is happening. Why is that? Why doesn?t the media share with us about soldiers setting up schools and hospitals? Or maybe a group of soldiers saved fifty lives by dismantling a car bomb or something along those lines? It seems to me that the media is trying to make it sound like this war was nothing but wasted time and money.
The media has also caused a lot of prejudicial thoughts to come out of people. If you were to see a Muslim in an airport, or even worse on the same plane, don?t you automatically think terrorist attack? The media has made it so people of the Muslim religion are a horrible people. I believe that they are great people; just a select few are bad.
For an example of good communication, we have to turn to sports. The best form of communication over the television is from espn. Everything that espn covers is the best work that can be done involving sports. They cover everything from hockey to baseball to football to poker. If you are interested in any sport, chances are they shown on espn.
I think that sports are a big communication tool. Sports are watched by millions of people around the world everyday. If you can communicate to others while on a sports channel, chances are a lot of people are going to see your product. Also, people believe what most announcers say. So if you get an announcer to talk about a big event that is happening, most people will probably want to find out more about it, so they will stay tuned and watch the news after the big game.
The media has really affected my life through sports. I am the type of person that likes to watch sports during my free time. And if a commercial comes on during the game that shows something good, like a movie clip, I will probably go see that movie. Sports and media come hand in hand; they feed off of each other, always helping the other out. Sports would have a tough time surviving without the media, and the media would have a tough time living without the sports.
Movies are another big thing in media. Everybody likes to see a good movie; and most people will go pay top dollar to see it. The movie Star Wars is a great example. Everyone in America was sleeping out and paying all this money just to go see a Science Fiction movie. Companies will pay top dollar to have their products being shown in movies as they know that this is an effective way to advertise.
Video games are another big thing that the media has gotten into. If someone is looking for a game, they tend to look for the brand name video games like Play Station and Nintendo. However, people like Microsoft are starting to make brand name stuff. Microsoft has been able to make it with the big name brands because they have created a vast media dynasty. Whenever you turn on the television, chances are you will see a commercial of something with Microsoft. Whether it is a game, or software products, you will see it on television.
Media outlets like espn and Sports Illustrated are starting to use the video game market to advertise their products. Often when you turn on your gaming system, you are looking at a big espn blazing on the screen. I know that if I am playing a game and I see that advertising, it just makes me want to go and watch espn and relax.
One bad area for the media is starting to be the internet. The internet has a lot
of good things like internet programs, instant messaging programs. It can be used to waste people?s time with things like and It can be used for really bad stuff like watching pornography and going to similar web sites like that.
I have found that using the internet for things like email to be very useful. It can be used to help us in a lot of our financial matters like buying and trading stocks, controlling our bank accounts without actually having to go to the bank. Now don?t our parents and grandparents wish that they could do something like that? They had to do all that by actually visiting the bank, or going to a stock market place and trading it one by one.
I think that somehow the government needs to step up and control the internet and the various ways that the media industry is taking it over. The obvious problem with that is there is no
possible way to control the internet. It is just too big, and there are too many smart computer programmers out there that it is almost impossible to control. It is just too bad that it has to be that way.
The internet media though when put to good use is a really helpful tool. For example when someone needs to do research on a current event, they will go to or something instead of waiting for the evening news or the morning news. It is just a lot faster that way, and it is also more convenient. I know that if I was going to do a current event that is what I would do for sure.
The internet media is also a big thing for the music industry. It has gotten them a lot of money from stuff like I Tunes, but has lost them a lot of money with stuff from Lime Wire and other free downloadable music sites. It also gets them a lot of attention with sites like People can make songs from there favorite artist or band play when others go and when others go visit their website they can listen to that music.
Finally, cellular phones have also affected our lives and the media. What would the world do without cellular phones? The real question is what would I do without my cell phone? People are using these devices to talk all day without actually saying a single word. Isn?t that just amazing? You can do more with a phone now than ever before. You can lie in bed all day and accomplish as much stuff with just your phone as if you went into your office and used your computer.
In conclusion, I believe that Americans truly are relying on the media way too much in life. Why can?t we live without the media? People have lived on this earth for thousands of years without it, why do we need it? That is the question that will stay around for years, but the worst thing is, the media world has just started to grow.

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