Get Published: New Guide Gives Advice From the Pros

Have you ever wanted to write a book? Whether you have a great idea for a cookbook, a science-fiction novel or children's story, transforming it into reality requires a lot of discipline and some good insider advice.

The American Association of Publishers and Publishers Weekly report as many as 150,000 new titles are published annually in the United States. Yet, 90 percent of the half-million books written every year remain unpublished. Most aspiring authors are desperate for guidance on how to get their work into the right hands. It may be your most difficult writing assignment yet, but a great query and proposal will make an editor eager to read your manuscript.

Pulling this off with panache requires more than writing talent, an intriguing manuscript and the desire to become a best-selling published author. You should know how to navigate through the crowded publishing marketplace.

Long-time publishing industry insiders and nationally known authors Rick Frishman and Robyn Freedman Spizman have written "Author 101: Bestselling Book Proposals: The Insider's Guide to Selling Your Work." The book is the first volume of a series of how-to guides for aspiring authors under the banner of "Author 101."

The book educates authors on how to produce a winning book proposal, from idea conception to effective marketing strategy development, and provides tips from the pros who know the literary business inside and out.

Readers will learn: errors that most new authors make; what editors wish authors knew; book titles that grab an editor's attention; techniques to promote the book and increase sales; how to find and work with an agent.

The series kicks off with the "Get Published, Get Publicized" contest to give readers a unique opportunity to become published authors. One aspiring author will win a book-publishing contract and $20,000 to spend on publicity.

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