The Tragedy of Global Warming

The Tragedy of Global Warming
The health issues of global warming are causing the human population rate to decrease over time. The health issues are caused by infectious microbes, pollution by chemical and biological wastes. Many of these diseases will cause illnesses or even death in the future. In fact, many scientists and doctors have discovered these diseases will cause human population to decrease by deaths as they are transferred from one person to the next either physical, eating animals contaminated, mosquitoes, or even blood transfusions though needles. Global warming has been discovered to be very dangerous to human health and is causing many deaths around the world. These tragic experiences in other countries are causing the health hazards to become more aware to humans and are giving the usa more time to plan cures for it before it becomes an issue for them.
Global warming is affecting the health issues in today?s generation as well as the future?s generation.Global warming causes many different health issues to the human body. With the temperature?s rising, the risk of cancer is increasing. According to the U.S. National Cancer Institute between 1975 and 1991 skin cancer increased by 812 percent. ?El Nino made1998 the warmest year ever recorded?(Bell 129). The warm temperature resulted in the worldwide outbreak of mosquitoes. With the warm temperatures mosquitoes were infected with different diseases such as malaria, dengue fever, yellow fever, rift valley fever and several other kinds of diseases. The World Health Organization said there were ?quantitative leaps? in malaria cases around the world. ?Thousands were infected with Rift Valley fever in Kenya, resulting in 200 deaths?(129).

Many people around the world think that the earth is in danger because of global warming. ?Rising temperatures will have enormous impact on the earth in the future?(pewtrust). With the temperatures rising this will cause the icebergs to melt and make the sea level rise. ?Rising sea levels inundating coastal communities, altered crop yields and water supplies, increased floods and droughts and surge in infectious disease. The water will be tainted because of the water runoff pushing chemicals into our water supply. This will cause people to get sick or even die. With it getting hotter the carbon dioxide levels are rising. This may cause weeds to grow faster and take over the crops we need.

Paul R. Epstein, a doctor from Harvard Medical School found a very interesting fact in his research that discussed how many people he estimates are going to be affected by global warming in the future. Epstein also stated, ?In some places, the number of deaths related to heat waves is projected to double by 2020?(Morse, 34). Gonzalo Pimental, a professor of ecology and of entomology in Cornell?s College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, discussed what things he believed were causing global warming and the risk of diseases that he found. Pimental stated, ?We?re seeing the first signs that global climate can influence the incidences of human diseases?Most of the increase in disease is due to numerous environmental factors including infectious microbes, pollution by chemical and biological wastes, and shortage of food and nutrients and the global warming will only make matters worse?(33). Jim Motavall found out how dramatic global warming is to humans when he explained an experience that already occurred in another country through his research. Motavailli quoted, ?Major droughts hit the eastern Orissa state in both 1998 and again in 1999, resulting in 2,000 deaths?(39). ?Record temperatures dried up wells, rivers, and streams and resulted in water crisis in 1 of India?s 31 states. In hard hit Orissa, temperatures reached 118 degrees F. Bradford Clark, a leading spokesman for the United Nations Food and Agricultural Office said, ?150 million people, or more than one in three, were having to endure widespread malnutrition and death caused by lack of food supply?(33).

Global warming is affecting both health and earth issues in today?s generation and many affect it in the future. According to some scientists and doctors global warming maybe deadly to humans if humans don?t take action to stop it. Even though there is much evidence leading to why we should believe global warming is occurring no one is 100% sure if these beliefs being stated in research will become true in the usa yet. Instead they can only be observed in other countries and explained in research for now, until they really do occur in the usa to prove it?s a fact, but for now it?s just a thought being tested.

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