How does Willy Russell us the separation of the twins in Blood Brothers to good dramatic effect?

How does Willy Russell us the separation of the twins in Blood Brothers to good dramatic effect?
Blood Brothers is about two twins separated at birth, into an Upper class family and a lower class family. The Twins eventually find out they are twins when it is too late. Their separation is used to good dramatic effect to keep the audience in suspense for what?s to come.
When you are of a lower class you tend to be superstitious. For example, because of the little opportunities and low fortune a person of a lower class has they tend to believe in fate and bad luck. This is a dominant theme which is introduced at the beginning of the play and runs throughout it. Mrs Lyons says to Mrs. Johnson, ?They say that if either twin learns he was one of a pair they shall both die immediately!? She threatens Mrs. Johnson and plays on her superstitious beliefs by making her believe that if Eddie and Mickey or anyone ever found out the truth, the twins shall both die. This creates good dramatic effect because the audience are shocked that their friendship has now changed and frightening for Mrs Johnson.

Class difference is displayed very clearly in Blood Brothers, in particular the difference in wealth between the two families. Eddie?s parents ensure that he has a comfortable upbringing and is able to study at university and receive a qualification, resulting in a highly paid job. This is completely dissimilar to Mickey. He comes from a poor family which meant that he was stuck in a dead end job in a factory. ?I bleeding hated it, standing there all day never doing anything apart from putting cardboard boxes together.? This reflects Mickey?s frustration and highlights the lack of opportunities open to him, which adds to the dramatic effect of the play because it prepares us for trouble in the future.

A good example of dramatic irony in the play is when Eddie and Mickey decide that as they are such good friends they will become blood brothers. ?Hey, we were born on the same day. That means we can be blood brothers.? The audience knows that they were actually brothers, whereas the children were unaware of their relationship.

As the blood brothers go through life Mickey starts to realize that he will never be as good as Eddie or receive the opportunities Eddie is given; this is the message of the play. Our futures are determined by circumstances beyond our control; in Mickey?s case his upbringing and culture determine his lifestyle. Willy Russell uses the example of Mickey and Eddie to highlight how unfair life is.

Suspense and tension are built right from the beginning of the play. It starts with the description of an evil character. ?That women, with a stone in place of a heart?? This is delivered to the audience by the narrator, this builds suspense in the audience as they are exited about meeting the character. Near the end of the play Mickey and Eddie go through disagreements and hatred arguments, ?NO! You look ? cause I?ve go the power now.? This causing tension to rise slowly as it ends with Eddie forced at gun point by Mickey.

This situation fires up when Eddie patronises Mickey, without trying to be harmful. ?NO! I don?t want your money. Stuff it!? This results in them never talking, until Linda (Mickey?s wife) gets evolved, ?Just don?t lie, Linda ? don?t lie! Right. Our Sammy saw you with him. Sammy saw you.? Mickey gets frustrated when he finds out that Linda has been secretly seeking help from Eddie. This is when the audience and readers hearts start racing; this is the moment of maximum tension.

Eddie and Mickey?s lifestyle unfolds in the play as a number of dramatic effects are used. This builds suspense and tension for the audience, which prepares for a climax ending.

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