Learn Spanish On Line – Easy As One, Two, Three

I live in Caracas, Venezuela and spend my entire day speaking in English. Sounds bizarre right; I live in a Spanish speaking country and speak English all day. Well as an English teacher it is my job and one I don’t really mind. The only problem is that after three months here my Spanish is still only mediocre at best and that is probably being generous. I finally got myself a tutor and that seems to help, however before that I had actually resorted to trying to learn Spanish on line. Yes I was that girl in the internet cafй taking notes in her little notebook. The people around me (all of whom I am sure spoke Spanish) would glance at my computer screen or my notebook and then give me weird looks. Apparently it is a little uncommon to be studying Spanish in an internet cafй in a Spanish speaking country; I guess I missed the memo.

When I decide to learn Spanish on line I did a search and was quickly inundated with thousands of sights most of which ended up being irrelevant. However after a frustrating afternoon of trying to figure out which sites were actually helpful I came across one that seems to know what it is talking about and provides a wealth of information for free. LearnSpanish.com has been extremely helpful. Of course its ultimate goal is to sell you a product the free information is quite extensive and very well explained. There are numerous very good examples that are well explained and following the lessons there are free quizzes to test your knowledge.

There are numerous sites like this, and I am sure some of them are equally effective and well done. However most will want to sell you a product, probably a home study kit, and the information on the site is simply to help you enough to entice you into buying the kit.

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