The Europeans and the American Indians

The Europeans and the American Indians
When considering the current courses and the topics that they covered the one that interested was most interesting was The History of The American Indian, this topic provides reason for cause and effect. When the Europeans, Spaniards, and the French came to America, what they brought with them had both positive and negative effects.
Before the Europeans arrived, the American Indians did struggle with ill health (Jones). When the Europeans arrived with them arrived different diseases, such as smallpox, bubonic plague, typhus, yellow fever, tuberculosis, and measles to name a few. Because the American Indians had no previous exposure to these diseases they exhibited little immunity to them which resulted in depopulation of the American Indians, causing much more damage than it would have caused had the epidemic of these diseases taken place in America.
The epidemics affected not only the American Indians but the Europeans as well wiping out a large amount of their population, and spreading in Europe itself. Had the Europeans simply let these diseases run their course the American Indians would have soon recovered, and eventually have developed immunity to the diseases, which would have ended the epidemics.
But the Europeans were determined to colonize the American Indians, not realizing that the negative effects taking place were due not only to physical differences but economical, social, and cultural differences as well.
Had these differences been studied and considered first it might have been possible for the Europeans to discover a more respectful, and genteel way to approach the American Indians which could have resulted in a different response therefore causing a different outcome. The presence of the Europeans on American Indian soil resulted in death and destruction.
Disease was not the only cause of depopulation, due to the Europeans forcing colonization on the American Indians there were wars and massacres as a result. The American Indians not understanding the Europeans reason for being there, experienced an extreme amount of different emotions, they were confused, and afraid.
To make matters worse the diseases that came with the Europeans wiped out most of the American Indian population, so they were also hurt, confused, and grieving the loss of their families, and tribe members not understanding what was happening, nor why it was happening, they felt attacked.
So they lashed out feeling that they had to not only protect themselves, but to avenger their losses as well. This caused the Europeans to fight back to protect themselves not realizing that by being there they had endangered themselves. Were they to have considered exactly how, and what the American Indians were feeling maybe they would have understood, the lives not ruined by disease could have been spared.
It was highly insensitive of the Europeans to enter the American Indian?s homeland expecting them to automatically conform to European ways, willingly when it was not something that was offered, but forced. Because the Europeans had guns and other weapons they succeeded in maintain control over the American Indians resulting in the succession of colonization. These events that took place in that process are all the result of cause and effect.

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