The Harms of Smoking Cigarettes

The Harms of Smoking Cigarettes
Intro: Today I would like to inform you why cigarettes are bad, and why you shouldn?t smoke. Did you know that smoking related deaths total up to the #1 cause of death in peoples. Not only can it effect you personally but it can also harm others around you.

Main Idea I: Why do people even start smoking?

1.) Some start young because they think its cool
a.) They may see older people do it.
b.) Maybe their friends smoke and they want to fit in.
c.) Some just want to impress the opposite sex.
2.) Access is sometimes is very easy.
a.) Their Parents are smokers and they can easily steal them from their pack.

Main Idea II: Here are some ways to quit smoking.
1.) There is a patch, which sends nicotine through your skin,
2.) Nicorett Gum is where you chew and the nicotine goes through you walls of your mouth.
3.) Some may believe the best way though is to go ?Cold Turkey?
a.) This is where you use mental will to cut off all nicotine intakes until your body is no longer addicted to it.

Main Idea iii: Why would you want to quit smoking?
1.) The whole idea is to respect your body. The more you respect your body the healthier you will be. Being Healthy makes you more attractive.
2.) Second hand smoke can be harmful to others.
a.) People breath in carbon monoxide with the exhaled smoke.
b.) When you smoke your cigarettes, they burn so it is like the people with you are breathing it in too.
3.) Quitting smoking makes since for how they effect your life span.
a.) It takes 10 marijuana cigarettes to equal 1-tobacco cigarettes.
b.) Every cigarette takes 10 min off your life.
- Therefore one pack would take 200 min of your life.
- On pack a day for a week is 1400 min and 35 dollars.
- In one year that is 72800 min and $1, 825.

Conclusion: As you can see, smoking doesn?t exhibit and positive effects for your life. It may seem good for the time but when you are diagnosed with cancer it won?t be cool to go through Chemotherapy.

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