Narration in the Film The Wood

Narration in the Film The Wood
The movie The Wood is a film that effectively uses narrative to tell its story. According to our book, a narrative is ?a chain of events in cause-effect relationship occurring in time and space.? The movie starts in the present time and uses flashbacks and narration throughout the movie.
The narrator is Omar Epps, and every time he does a narration, the cameras zoom in for a close-up. When he narrates, he talks like he is speaking directly to you. He typically only narrates in the scenes done in the present time with few exceptions. Flashbacks show the viewer how the three main characters met and how they acted when they were younger. They also show the viewer a progression of the three boys growing up to be men. But Omar Epps? narration is what ties everything together. He gives you the background information you won?t get just by viewing the flashbacks, and he also gives you the cause-and-effect relationships between the past and present.
In the present time, the three main characters are grown men. Taye Diggs? character is supposed to get married in a few hours, but he hasn?t shown up to the wedding. No one can find him until Omar Epps? character receives a message and he and ?Slim? go to get him. Things of course go wrong along the way, keeping the characters from going directly to the wedding. The whole movie revolves around these things, and it goes back and forth from present time to flashbacks. But it?s the narration that keeps the viewer informed about basically everything he / she needs to know throughout the movie.
At the end of the movie, all loose ends get tied up. The director doesn?t really leave you guessing about anything. It gives you a typical feel-good ending, and at the end of the movie, you?re satisfied.

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