The Unfortunate Consequences of Underage Drinking

The Unfortunate Consequences of Underage Drinking
Everyone knows someone who has incredibly messed up his or he life by underage drinking. I know a seventeen-year-old boy who killed two people while he was drinking and driving. Certain factors cause underage drinking, and nearly always negative effects result from it.
Obviously, there are major causes of teenage drinking. One cause is curiosity. I know someone who was curious, so he drunk a beer to see what it tasted like. That was five years ago, and now he is an alcoholic at the age of twenty-one. Another cause for underage drinking is, seeing celebrities drink at wild parties, on television. My friend, saw her idol drinking so she thought it as okay to drink. She drank and she disconnected from her family and friends. A final cause for underage drinking is, being pressured by friends or people I do not know. Jay was at a party where he did not know many people. A few of his friends were drinking and told him it would help him loosen up. He tried one beer, which soon turned to five. The next day he had a terrible hangover. Jay got caught and got into a lot of trouble. Although there are many causes for underage drinking, they can be avoided.
Furthermore, the effects of drinking can be quite serious, which can kill me in the end. An effect of underage drinking is, a person is more likely to drink when they get older. Someone I know is a heavy drinker. He started at sixteen and is now in his late forties or early fifties. Another effect of underage drinking is the hangover a person gets after. Kelly was with friends who said they were bored, so the played the alphabet game. Whoever lost had to drink a shot. Kelly lost a few times, and by the end of the night she was drunk. The next day she had to go to school with a hangover; she had a terrible headache, and the light was blinding. A final effect of underage drinking is the loss of fiends. Erin drank at a party, that originally did not have alcohol, but a few people bought some. When she drank she liked it and was soon drinking day and night. Her fiends did not want to be around her when she drank. Even though drinking sounds like a good idea, it changes people and his or her life.
Although underage drinking may be a popular pastime, it brings mostly unhappiness. There are many factors that play a role in underage drinking. While facing the challenges of being a teenager, what I do now can effect my future.

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