The Character Kevin in Freak the Mighty

The Character Kevin in Freak the Mighty
Many people struggle to be accepted in our world because of disabilities. Freak the Mighty, by Rodman Philbrick, is a dramatic and inspiring novel about how two boys, who are ?different?, become friends and unite towards a common cause. Kevin, an eighth grader who lives with his mother Gwen, is one of the two protagonists in this extraordinary novel. Kevin is a very knowledgeable young boy who doesn?t let his disability limit his abilities.
Kevin uses his imagination to minimize his disability in his every day life. In Preschool Kevin would march around the school with his leg braces and use his imagination to pretend that he was a robot. The fact that he uses his imagination to see his leg braces as ?astounding? is a great example of Kevin using his imagination to minimize his disability.
Kevin displays great determination in this novel. Near the beginning of this narrative, Kevin is playing with a mechanical bird and flies it up into a tree. He repeatedly tries to free it from the tree, even though he seems to be getting nowhere. He had his mind set on it, so he wouldn?t stop until it was in his hands. This section of the story shows that if Kevin sets a goal for himself, he?ll do almost anything to achieve it. Another example is that when Kevin helps the cops look for Max when he?s reported missing Kevin never gives up looking for Max, even when the cops want to give up. This example is yet another form of great determination. All of these points help indicate that Kevin displays great determination through the novel by Rodman Philbrick.
Kevin doesn?t let his disease put a negative effect on his learning. Kevin shows us that when he attends school, He worked to the best of his ability to acquire the maximum achievement in each class. This most definitely demonstrates to us that his disability doesn?t effect his learning in a negative way.
In Conclusion, all of the points that I have brought up is solid evidence to prove that Kevin does not let his disability nor disease disturb his life or limit his abilities.

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