Normal and Abnormal Behavior

Normal and Abnormal Behavior
A medical model of normal and abnormal behavior is what an individual is born with, either with reference to their brain or genetics. The biological explanation would suggest that an individual?s disorder is a cause of biological malfunctioning. Reasons for normal and abnormal behaviors could vary from possible genetic predisposition or an imbalance of brain chemistry. Research shows the two main treatments suggested by the medical model for normal and abnormal behavior are drugs and somatic intervention. A biological model is used to look at the human brain and also at genetics. Because the brain controls all aspects of human actions, it is not difficult to conclude that damage or interruption of normal brain function and activity could lead to abnormal mental disorders. Genetic research shows a specific condition is inherited, researchers must show that it could not be caused by environmental factors.
These two models differ hugely in content and suggestions. The first key difference of the abnormal behavior is being either genetic or environmental.
These models state that environmental factors of abnormal behavior have very little influence. The abnormal behavior therefore is a result of an underlying physical condition such as damage to the brain. The treatment given is aimed at controlling the underlying disease by changing the individual?s biochemistry. This treatment does not account for the occasions in which no biological explanation can be found. The environment is a huge factor with reference to any mental disorder. Genetically we inherit a normal or abnormal behavior but the environment can force that activity to become abnormal. Evidence to support that the environment can change individuals biochemistry could be that stress-produced fear and anger cause the secretion of adrenalin and noradrenalin.
I believe that abnormal behavior can be controlled to a certain extent with medication. It has been proven that certain types of medication can cause the condition to worsen. A person must first to want to help the situation before any type of medical treatment can start to have an effect. People should not use their abnormal behaviors as a crutch and expect people to lend a helping hand, people must first help themselves.

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