The Drug Ecstacy

The Drug Ecstacy
Ecstasy is a slang or short word for Methylenedioxymethamphetamines (mdma). It is a very serious mind-altering, psychoactive drug that can kill you. This drug can cause confusion, paranoia, sleep problems, anxiety and depression even after weeks of not taking it.
Ecstasy was first developed in 1914 as a diet pill or appetite suppressant and it was a legal substance until 1985. In the mid-1980s, ecstasy burst out in the streets becoming the most popular drug used in Raves (wild all night parties) because it helps you keep dancing and mood enhancement. Ecstasy can be taken orally, sometimes snorted and rarely injected. The price for one capsule can range from $25 to $40 and the effect can last 3 to 6 hours. Ecstasy pills may come in a lot of different colors shapes and usually have small cartoons or logos branded on top (such as play boy bunnies, CK, love symbols, etc.). There are also a lot of names by which ecstasy can be found, for example, xtc, M&M, Love drug, Love trip, Adam, Rollin, etc.
mdma immediate effects are sweating, heart rate and blood pressure rising, dehydration, jaw clenching, teeth grinding, etc. Ecstasy can make you feel like you trust someone and it can break down barriers (that is why people call it in the brain which are critical to the memory and thought. Studies show that a drunken person has more memory than a person who smoked ecstasy heavily in the past.
Ecstasy has been becoming dangerously popular in the last couple of years but due to the hard work of the Partnership For A Drug Free America the usage of Ecstasy has been lowering dramatically. They make public service announcements warning teens of the dangers and downsides to using ecstasy and helping to understanding the dangers of using drugs. There are places such as Greenbriar Treatment Center which offer help for people suffering from chemical dependency such as ecstasy. It is located in Washington, PA and their approach is to respect the people who they treat and reassure them that addiction is a curable disease. Then they go through individual counseling and day programs to rid the body of the drug and begin life without it.
In conclusion Ecstasy is a very serious and dangerous drug. It damages your body, especially the brain, and causes damage to your memory. People get caught for doing ecstasy everyday and the fines for possession of illegal substance can be to face up to 10 years in jail or a fine of $20,000.

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