Abstract on Essay About Prison Overcrowding

Abstract on Essay About Prison Overcrowding
Prison overcrowding is one of the world biggest problems. This essay discusses an ongoing need for alternative programs that will help cut down overcrowding in prisons and slow down the recidivism rate for prisoners retuning back to prison.

The circumstances that cause prison overcrowding is unnecessary and there can be programs put in place to bring about a resolution to the recidivism rate which in term will cut out the need for prison overcrowding.
U.S. prison overcrowding is an ongoing problem in our society and consumes a vast amount of resources that could be used more effectively to reduce the problem. It is imperative that our judicial system start to take more proactive measures to alleviate the problem. A twofold approach to this could be ?At Risk Youth Intervention Programs? for minor children of incarcerated parents and more ?Alternatives to Incarceration Programs? for low risk crimes and drug offences. Community base programs put in place to help offenders stay home and out of prison
I. A Re-Entry programs could be put into place that would help cut down our recidivism rate for prison overcrowding
II. Repeat offenders often do not have any type of job training that would help them to become successful in finding employment
iii. Outreach drug programs could effectively help educate and eliminate drug abuse as well as community base programs that would help offenders stay out of prison
IV. At risk intervention programs that that target at risk youths must be develop
V. For low crimes and drug offenders there should be alternative programs that that help prevent incarceration
The thesis that I selected would be important to me and the type of audience that I selected because our communities, social service providers, correctional facility administrators, clergy, treatment centers should know why ex-prisoners keep coming back to prison. If there were programs put into place for these people they would be able to cope outside of prison and they would know that they have support from their communities and that they are not alone. When an ex-offender comes out they have a lot on their mind such as: how are they are going to find housing, get a job, support for their family and most of all how are they are going to go about doing all of these things. Most of them have low self-esteem, drug additions and are uneducated. If there are alternative programs set up for them, then they could receive the help that they need and in turn it would help resolve the need for prison overcrowding.

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