Iraq War

Iraq War
The war waged on Iraq by the United States has been the cause of heated debate all over the world. Many people have opposed the United States attack on Iraq for many viable reasons. Some of these reasons include that it is not in the best interests for the reputation of the United States with the other nations of the global community, it poses an increased threat to United States homeland security, and it will result in many unjust crimes committed by the United States.
Going to war with Iraq will negatively affect the reputation of the United States with other countries opposing the war. These countries include Germany, France, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Egypt, and Pakistan, to name a few. In order to be a superpower, it entails that the country maintain amicable ties with nations in strategic areas in order to facilitate goodwill and cooperation. By going to war with Iraq, the United States has put a tremendous strain on amicable ties it once had with influential countries like France, Germany, and Egypt which is not good for public relation purposes or for maintaining superpower status. Also, going to war with Iraq has put a tremendous strain on the ties between the United States and many Muslim countries. The vast majority of the Muslim world is vehemently opposed to the war, thereby fueling anger towards the United States, viewing it as unjust and overstepping its bounds. This creates a dark image of the United States in the eyes of nations all over the global community.
The effect of destroying the reputation of the United States with other countries may lead to an increased threat to homeland security. Angry nations are more apt to spawn groups of people who feel unsafe, violated, and angry at the actions of the United States. Such people are more likely to commit terrorist acts in desperation for the injustice they are witnessing. We have already seen the effects of September 11th, 2001, as the World Trade Center was attacked. Waging this war will only fuel the fire already aimed at the United States from previous generations, and may encourage more attacks like September 11th.
The final and most important reason for the United States not to wage war against Iraq is that it will cause many war crimes. Wars always involve taking the lives of innocent people, and many other injustices that can be illustrated if we look to wars fought in the past. First of all, innocent civilians will be killed. The loss of every innocent life is an injustice and a tragedy. Secondly, after the Persian Gulf War fought from 1990-1991, the troops who fought in the war and the people of Iraq developed increased incidences of cancer and birth defects to their newborn children. This was later found to be due to the radioactivity of the depleted uranium used in the weaponry to fight the war. The current war against Iraq employs the same weaponry made of the depleted uranium, and will only cause more generations of people with cancer and birth defects for years to come. This is not only another tragedy, but a war crime that should be prevented and punishable.
There are many arguments opposing the United States war against Iraq. Some of them include that it puts a strain on the United States international relations, it increases the threat to homeland security, and it employs unjust measures in fighting the war. War is never a good thing, and the damage it causes far outweighs its benefits, especially this one.

Iraq War 9 of 10 on the basis of 1788 Review.