The Negative Impacts of Paparazzi

The Negative Impacts of Paparazzi
The paparazzi are everywhere. Wherever there is a celebrity in sight they are in their face. They are in the news because they take pictures and change it to something beyond what it is. The paparazzi do not leave celebrities alone and cause serious problems. The paparazzi reports every little detail about celebrities and it is ridiculous, mainly because no one cares that someone had a bad hair day or that they have major flub on their body, its natural for everyone. The paparazzi need to seriously get a life because taking photographs or making comments about a picture is not a life, its lame and a useless job. The paparazzi should but out on how celebrities live their lives. The only thing celebrities want most is to be at peace. Others could disagree showing that celebrities are a bad influence and it needs to be shown, it can be shown but doesn?t need to be.
Celebrities have lives and need privacy as well. Everyone deserves privacy, celebrity or not, we all do. The paparazzi need to let them have privacy and respect by butting out of their lives. We all make mistakes and most of us will learn from them. These mistakes have no reason to be shown to the world. Celebrities learn from their mistakes because they don?t want embarrassing pictures shown to the public. We don?t care how celebrities act they only do what they do because they are loaded with money and have the opportunity to act like a total idiot. Taking various photographs of celebrities is not considered a job, it?s more like stalking, but yet still a job. The U.S. is completely celebrity obsessed and they don?t need to be at all its not amusing to see idiotic mistakes take over magazines or TV. The U.S. has become celebrity obsessed and there is no reason for this. It is the paparazzi?s job but they can better then ripping on and irritated celebrities.
Celebrities are people too so why cant they have the same opportunity to be normal and just have fun. Many of us have gone out and done something completely crazy, so why cant they? They can, but they can?t, because the paparazzi has no respect for anything they do they just wait for them to do something stupid so they can snap a picture or take a video of some celebrity flipping out on them. The paparazzi thinks everything is so funny and doesn?t take them seriously, real mature. Celebrities don?t disrupt our lives so leave them alone.
Big deal they make millions of money and are on TV and in the movies, do we stalk them because we?re jealous they have a better live, that could be the answer but it isn?t a very good one to not give them privacy. The world wishes we were like them, but not everything works out the way we want it to. We make mistakes, come who doesn?t? It?s a part of life not to be perfect, many of us understand that, so quit taking lame pictures of celebrities that we don?t want to see and put something interesting in the news. The paparazzi is getting way out of hand and there should be a law enforced on the paparazzi, like in California where they are beginning a law to ?crack down? on the paparazzi. The paparazzi could face up to $50.000 US for taking pictures of celebrities and their kids in ?personal or familial activity?. They are 100% invading celebrities? personal bubbles. ?Now I feel I have an unspoken deal with the paparazzi: ?I won?t do anything publicly interesting if you agree not to follow me.?? Matt Damon.
Celebrities are probably the worst influences because they are everywhere and they don?t deserve to be where they are today, they have such an easy life and then there is everyone else struggling to get by. We have our own ways to live and this is how they show it. Nothing in this world is fair and celebrities don?t deserve everything. Embarrassing pictures are taken because they have the easy life and need some way to think about what they?re really doing with their life. As a job it?s not a waste of time its for a good reason.
Celebrities are terrible influences and it needs to be shown to the public. Celebrities always get caught with a dui or reckless driving but never end up paying the consequences for their actions like a normal person, since they have a high status they get away with it in some cases. There is no reason to consider them to be an idol or look up to them, especially younger celebrities. The young celebrities give the worst influence and are always in trouble for something and it effects today?s typical teenager on how we dress, drinking, drugs, and sex. We should not be looking up to celebrities because of what they wear, how they act and what they do, they have money to blow so they do what they please. They will dress inappropriate or hardly dress at all; they are usually drinking, doing drugs, and cheating or getting with other celebrities.
Celebrities sure aren?t happy when we post our pictures about them in a negative way, but whoever said life is easy. They just love to give the truth. Paparazzi?s love their jobs, who wouldn?t love snapping pictures and being around them all day. This is a job that?s actually entertaining compared to most; they love their jobs and aren?t giving it up. Its more exciting because they get the chance to get right up in celebrities lives and find all the juicy details. We all make money differently, this is the paparazzi?s job so leave them alone, and they don?t pick on you about your job.
We are all human, we all deserve respect, and we all deserve privacy. Paparazzi laws that come in effect will destroy the paparazzi for good, they?ll still be around but so will the fines. The paparazzi needs to grow up and get a real job, maybe they could become successful one day where the world doesn?t hate them. They should put their photographic expertise to a better use behind a cause by photographing the world as it is with homelessness, famine, drought, aids, war, abuse, and rape instead of pictures of celebrities living the dream.
Celebrities aren?t big news to many people so why bother wasting time taking pictures of them. There are so many other things you could do with all the time the paparazzi spends following celebrities around all day, go find something in your boring life to amuse you instead of celebrities. The paparazzi are a major problem that a difficult to deal with, all of it is an obsession that is preventable. Go take the time and capture some pictures worth looking at. ?From the deepest desires often come the deadliest hate? Socrates.

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