Why Does The Government Only Have Two Parties

Why Does The Government Only Have Two Parties
Why does the United States only have two principal political parties? What role can 3rd parties play?
There are many reasons why America has only two major political parties. It could be the cause of the federal government. The major parties reflect its decentralized structure. Candidates are recruited at the state or local level and are responsive primarily to their own state or local constituencies. At the national level, they consist of local party representatives. This state local orientation affects the policy positions that parties take and the decisions that their elected officials make. What this really means is that we started off with a two party government and people in these parties came into power. Now that they attained the power they do not want to give it away so what the parties do is give their power to people that think just like them which would be other members in their party. On top of that it is so hard for a smaller party with no financial backing to even compete with the two monstrous parties.
Another reason why we have a two system party is most public officials in the United States are chosen in a single-member district. This means whoever wins the majority vote is the only party represented in that district. This makes it hard for third parties to get their hat in the race because they have to fight with these two strong parties and they don?t have a chance to get their name out enough. The Democrats and Republicans are very different, you could say that they are as different as left and right. Without a third party they have a 50/50 chance of winning. When they win they can make laws that their party wants them to make. These two parties don?t want any interference from a third party because when the election is close third party could mess everything up.
The green part is now active with 46 states is very close to getting all 50 states to become active with them. They are going to campaign these to obtain ballots in these states and in the District of Columbia by next fall. This is going to be a hard project to do because neither of the other parties wants them on the ballot. This is because of the 2000 election where many democrats blame Nadar for the loss of the democrats in that election. Most people in the green party are very liberal and if they had to choose republican or democrat they would choose democrat. Ralph Nadar didn?t have many votes but those votes were taken away from the democrats and that?s why the two parties don?t want another party on the ballot.
A third reason has to do with the tradition of two major parties and their adaptability to changing times. There is much prestige and tradition that comes with both parties. Many times, when parents vote for a certain party their children tend to vote the same way. This is caused by being brought up and our parents teaching us right and wrong. Both of these parties also know how to change with the times and are able to figure out how to get the people to vote for them. As we grow as a society there are always going to be new problems that people think the government should take care of. The candidates take a stance and try to win votes. This hurts the third parties because they don?t have tradition and know one really knows about them. The two parties give the other parties a chance but they can?t win because they two party system almost makes it impossible

Discuss public opinion polls. How do they work and why are they not more accurate?
To understand public opinion, pollsters divide the population into three groups based on the relative level of information the person has on politics. The general public is the largest group and is also the least informed group. This makes it very easy to sway the opinion to a candidates favor and in the next moment go totally against them. The attentive public is better informed and more interested than the general public. They have a general awareness of issues, candidates and officials, and politically relevant events. They tend to have well-developed and consistent opinions on many issues, follow them in the news media, and discuss them with others. However, members of this group generally refrain from most political activities other than voting. The opinion makers consist of those who inform and shape the views of others. Their level, knowledge, and political activities set them apart. Some of the people included are party leaders, elected and appointed government officials, business executives, religious leaders, and some members of the media. The opinion makers tend to hold the most consistent political beliefs. Everyone in America believes in having freedom of speech but the groups have different views on how much freedom.
How polls are taken is different now then they were back then. In the early days people would go house to house with surveys and try to get them filled out by people. They went to phones and started getting more hits but now with the invention of caller id and cell phones they have gone back down. They try to get random people so it makes their survey more realistic.
The government uses polls to see what they should do and how people react to certain things before doing them. They want to know if something they did pissed off the masses they he can fix it before has to go up for election again. All that matters is the publics vote and they have a job. Many people do not even believe in polls and say that they are a waste of time. I think they are lies that the government uses to get people to think they way they do by saying that everyone else thinks the same way. This makes sense because generally the polls are wrong. The reason why polls are normally wrong is because it is very hard to get a test sample that is going to have every type of person represented for. How can three hundred opinions reflect millions of other opinions? The only people that do these polls are people with a lot of time like the elderly and this is why there is so many benefits for them. Another problem is the halo effect. These are lies that make people look like an upstanding citizen. Everyone does not want to say that they are not a registered voter because that would make them look like they didn?t know much about politics So instead they lie and say yes to not look like a fool. Another problem with polls is the nature of the question. Many polls will be worded in a way to get you to answer the way they want you to. This makes the results of the survey unreliable and tampered.

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