Experiencing Family Deaths

Experiencing Family Deaths
Having a couple of deaths in the family during a young age can really affect a child. Whatever the child has seen in his/her early childhood life, will always stay with him/her for the rest of their lives. It has a lot of effect on the brain. If the child is brought up in a house where there is a lot of violence, the child will most definitely carry that some attitude to his/her life when they grow up. I was brought up in a family where I had to experience a lot of deaths in the family and of loved ones. Those deaths occurred during my childhood, so my brain will always remember that and put the scene right in front of my eyes.
I was five years old at the time I saw the first death. My oldest sister was killed in a horrible car accident. That death really made me realize how important my whole family is to me. When a death occurs in any household, at that time special attention is always need. It really helps if we have a psychologist or psychiatrist help the family out through the grieving process. When there is a death of young kids or young adults, that when it hurts the most. I had two friends pass away in high school; I will never forget that scene. The reason I wont forget it is because they were my friends and my brain refuses to let go of their memory. This whole process is a psychological process.

Though we don?t like to accept death, we all know that one day it?s going to come and we will not be able to get away from it either. Death is a type of thing that doesn?t care if a person is young, or old. There is no definite time when a person will die. This is worst part of life, but we, as humans have to accept the fact that it?s going to come after everyone.

Children remember these events because they know what?s going on, but as they get older they learn more on it. Violence, suicide, hatred towards one another, usually occurs in families with low-income status. They get frustrated and create violence by beating their spouse and the kids, they commit suicide, and they really don?t like to associate with anyone. They basically withdraw themselves from the society. This type of situation is usually led to death, either by suicide or it could be a natural cause such as a heart attack because of the stress.

In conclusion, when a child has viewed a death at an early age it will impact their life. They will remember that more than anything. Death can lead to many problems for a child so its important to get help for the child before he is traumatized by the whole situation.

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