How does ICT affect both family and society?

How does ICT affect both family and society?
The effect of ict on the individual

? There may be a reduced number of manual jobs. This is because
computers and machinery can be used instead.

? ict allows you to work from home. This is an advantage of no
travelling and being able to live in any part of the country.? There may be a reduction of jobs available because of the decrease
in manual work. This would cause an increase in unemployment.

? The use of ict gives the opportunity to work for yourself. It also
makes it a lot easier than doing the work manually.

? There is the need to continually update worker skills, especially
those who no longer spend year after year doing the same job.

? ict can create new and interesting jobs. These can include jobs such
as a computer programmer. This would also may work more enjoyable.

? With the increase in ict there is the de-skilling or elimination of
some office jobs.

How will the new ict system affect the family?

A new ict system is likely to affect the family in question, in
different ways. However, it is likely to make the life of these people
a lot easier and more manageable. It also allows you to be more

A Computer is especially helpful to school children and those who
work. This is because using a computer is less time consuming, than
compared to the manually writing everything up. It therefore makes
life easier. Copies can be easily made meaning the family will not
have to spends hours upon end rewriting documents.

A new ict system would allow the family to have improved
communications around the world. The system would be equipped with the
Internet and email service providers, such as Microsoft Outlook and
Lycos. These facilities would allow the family to communicate with the
rest of the world more easily. msn messenger would be useful to
children in the family and would also be convenient for work.

The use of email is both quicker and more convenient than writing a
letter. You can receive many attachments that you may have sent
yourself or other people have sent. Email is a reasonably secure way
of communication because you need a password to access your account.
It is also useful because you can access your email from any server.
You can also keep in contact with the family, no matter how far away
they live.

The family would have access to news on everyday events etc, via the
Internet search engines and encyclopaedias.

A new ict system would allow the family to produce documents,
databases, images, recordings etc. This is a lot less stressful than
having a paper based system. For one, there is more chance of paper
becoming lost, whereas on a computer there is less probability of this
happening. The information can be transported easily, as you can save
the relevant information onto floppy disk. The accessibility of
information and other resources can be found on the internet on
possibly every subject. The internet is a cheap way of communication.

In order to make use of a new system the family will have to obtain
and learn new skills such as short cuts. The family will have to learn
how to use programs such as Word and Excel, and those that are not
quite so easy to use, such as photo editing programs. However, the
family would not need to check their spelling as much because the
computer would automatically do this.

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