Causes of Divorce

Causes of Divorce
It is a claim fact that people all over the world has determined to live together, which is called ?get married? in another word, so they depend on living one another. Nevertheless, some people are unable to maintain their relationship. Therefore, they choose to divorce, which is one solution to cope with problems between husbands and wives. There are many causes and effects of getting a divorce such as lack of communication, changing women?s roles and getting married in the early age. However, if also effect the children.
First, the lack of communication is one main cause of getting divorces. Sometimes couple needs to work for a better life, but the job schedule is different. For example, if the husband work in the morning and other spouses work in the afternoon, they do not have enough time to live together, sharing their feelings and ideas, and solve their problems. Also, they do not try to understand each other what he or she is trying to tell, and then they argue over the same topic over and over. Indeed, communication is a necessary part of a successful marriage and without communication the marriage turns to divorce.
Second, changing of women?s roles is another cause of divorces. Early in the back days men had to earn money to afford the family, and women only had to stay home to do housework and depended on their husbands. For example, women take care of their children, cook, and clean their house, and husband goes outside to earn money. Therefore, husband control all the finances and wives have to depend on their husbands. However, now a day?s woman is independent. They share all their housework with their husbands because they work to support their own living cost. Nevertheless, men do not to accept equality among women and men. Therefore, they argue with their working wives and have problems that take them to divorce.
Third, getting married in the early age is other causes of getting divorces. Young couples decided to get married when they are not prepared for marriage. For example, my friends get married when they are at age of 18. Therefore, they do not understand each other?s thoughts and feelings. Therefore, they fought and beat each other. They think that they are right their way, and that creates a problem between them in the beginning such as, economic, and emotional. In addition, a lot of times instead of avoiding problems they think that it is better to finish the relationship.
In addition, divorce can effect on children. Some people get divorces when their children are around 12 to be 19 years old. Therefore, they feel lonely and helpless. They need love and support from their parents. They want their parents to be their friends, and if parents get a divorce, then some children got depressed, stressed and think about to suicide. Also, divorce can be a negative effect on children. For example, some children think that they are responsible for divorce because they have done something, and they hurt them self. Sometimes some children got depressed and killed them self.
To sum up, we know that lack of communication, changing women?s roles and getting married in the early age can cause of getting a divorce. Also, parents do not realize that how badly their children effected by divorce. Children hurt a lot more than their parents after divorce. I think people need to think about before getting married and try to talk and solve the problem. Therefore, children do not feel lonely and helpless.

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