Impacts of Religion on Life Today

Impacts of Religion on Life Today
Religion and its impact on the life of the man of today It is very difficult to define the religion, each group of people have a specific definition and beliefs about that. But people believe that religion makes a better life and makes the world a better place to live. With the help of religion people will respect to the costumes and traditions, no body will be disappointed, the life has a meaning. So many kinds of religions until today have found, but it?s impossible to say which one is helpful or has a positive impact on man.
From the beginning of life there was a power that keeps human away from darkness, this power in all societies and cultures effect the life of that community, the beliefs that there are always wars between light and darkness, the stories about God and evil, cause people to accept the orders that were brought by some messengers that called religion. Some say that religion cause man to believe in a super power that control their lives and the world, every thing, every action is under the control of this power, who knows what is this power?

The next group, who think religion cause people to believe in myth and superstition, are against the religion and religious thoughts. They consider religion as an obstacle
to human?s development, as a limitation for free life. Even some of them don?t believe in God, they consider the world as a machine which works according to special rules, they say every thing in this world is mortal, there is no life after death, so they try to seize the days in this world and experience all the pleasures.

More than that is mentioned here, there are groups or better to say countries that although they don?t believe in religion, but use it in order to reach to their benefits, the play with people, they deceive people with wrong beliefs, different governments in different eras, killed, destroyed, and punished innocent people just because they don?t heed to their religions.

Nowadays there are many different religions with different followers, each group think that their religion is the best one, and the other groups go the wrong way. In this world some believe that religion keeps their life, society, family?, safe, they think they can flourish the human?s inclination and transcendent their souls by religion, but the human rights says that each and every person with every beliefs should live in peace, and all the people with all religions and beliefs should respect to humanity.

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