The Impact of Anorexia

The Impact of Anorexia
Anorexia is an eating disorder use to control weight by limiting one?s food intake. A person with anorexia is usually afraid of gaining weight even if he/she stands in a category from underweight to average weight. People who believe gaining weight is a failure and loosing weight is an accomplishment can become anorexic. Anorexics put their lives at risk because of the danger it can result. The cause is known psychologically and socially of why people become anorexic; as a result, it can ruin their health and social life.
Anorexics possibly starve themselves because of their personality, socioeconomic classes, and activities where thinness is looked upon. Often teenage anorexics have above average grades and are afraid of failure. They are perfectionist who can develop a state of wanting to look perfect; therefore the fear of gaining weight builds up. Sometimes anorexics are forced to loose weight because of their social surroundings. They often starve themselves to reach others expectations such as parents, friends, and coaches. These three causes can drive a person to become anorexic.

The outcome of being anorexic can lead to serious health problems or even death. Reducing large amount of calories harms the body because it is not getting enough nutrients. The body is constantly malnourished so it eventually starts to feed on its own and cause ulcers in the stomach. Since the body is loosing minerals it can effect normal growth especially in women. Women start to skip menstrual cycles and begin menopause at an early age that leads to infertility. Also, with enough weight loss, the skeletal system starts to break down. An anorexic can develop osteoporosis that can make the bones softer and porous. Having osteoporosis makes the body susceptible to fractures and joint injuries. Other factors can occur such as becoming anemic and heart failure. Starving the body continuously affects one?s body because of severe mineral loss.
Furthermore, not only does anorexia affect the body, it can also affect one?s social life. For example, when a person becomes anorexic to reach a certain weight for a physical activity, they can loose more weight than what they intended. With so much weight loss, the body will not be strong enough to pursue the physical activity. Not being able to pursue their dream sport can cause depression. In addition, within an anorexics social life, family problems may develop. Sometimes parents may blame themselves because they feel they pushed their children too much into becoming perfect. Anorexics may even blame themselves and become depressed and suicidal for getting the people they love involve. Being anorexic can ruin one?s social life by affecting his/her relationship with closed ones.

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