Binge Drinking Among College Students

Binge Drinking Among College Students
We all know what it is like to wake up in the morning, with our head aching, and our body feeling like it was just hit by a train. College students world wide know this feeling. These are the results of binge drinking. The question of why college students continue to submit themselves to alcohol is unknown. While many reasons are given, the cause generally falls into one of three categories, peer pressure, insecurity, or to help solve there problems. But the one thing students don?t realize are the consequences and effects that binge drinking can have, health and social problems are just a few.
One of the main reasons students feel the need to binge drink is peer pressure. They do this because their peers are doing it and they want to fit in better. College dorm rooms offer many different places for students to drink. Dorm rooms give a great place for a few people to get together, and before you know it ?everybody?s doing it?.
Insecurity is another incentive to why students binge drink. Drinking alcohol has been a large part of society for many years. People find that it is easier to meet people when they have been drinking. Drinking has also been used as a way to get close to some one. There are also many social events drinking has created. There are cozy bars ?where every body knows your name,? cocktail parties, and the high school favorite, house party.
Students also binge drink to help them solve there problems. They turn to alcohol to aid themselves with hiding their feelings and numbing there pain for a while ?We?ll talk over a beer,? is something that people will say when they need to talk about something. In english terms this means lets have a beer and forget all our problems. Problems that range from, stress from school work, stress from a significant other, or even stress of home life.
The effects of binge drinking go far beyond short term memory loss and ?hangovers?.
Binge drinkers miss class, get behind on school work, engage in unplanned sexual activity, have run-ins with police, and get injured or hurt. Death is also a possible consequence of binge
drinking. Drinking and driving is the number one cause of death in teenagers. Binge drinking is also associated with alcohol poisoning. Alcohol can soak into one?s liver and shut it down resulting in immediate death.
In conclusion the cause of binge drinking is pressure, insecurity, and to help solve problems. The effect of binge drinking branches from, a mere hangover to possible death. Still
some college students indulge themselves in binge drinking.

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