The Pros and Cons of Gun Control

The Pros and Cons of Gun Control
Lack of gun control causes an amplified crime rate, increased accidental deaths, and increased taxes for law-abiding citizens in the United States. The relevant and pressing issue of gun control needs to be seen by society as a priority to fix. Failure to correct the flaws in the system results in a completely unsafe atmosphere.
Failure to provide gun control has caused crime in the United States to reach an all time high. Criminals have the ability to purchase guns on the streets without a license, without identification, and without following proper registration procedures. Without identification and registration, law enforcements agencies cannot link a gun to an owner. As a result, communities pay the price with increased murders, robberies, and assaults.
Accidental death, a tragic effect of failing to control guns, occurs when a concealed weapon in the hands of the wrong person. The trigger is pulled and fatality occurs; the entire situation results from irresponsibility. Parents play an essential role in helping to prevent accidental death. By providing proper life skills, parents can teach children safe practices. As a parent, ownership of a gun requires knowledge of safe lock up procedures where the guns remain inaccessible to children.
Each gun sold without registration and each crime committed causes citizens following the rules to lose privileges. As gun control spins out of control, taxes begin to rise. As a result of higher taxes, companies selling guns lose money, and criminals develop an increasing desperation to attain the weapons illegally. Failure to provide gun control circles around, cause and effect, as one person abuses the right; the people abiding by the laws suffer the consequence of higher taxes on guns.
However, on the other side of gun control, in a free country, such as the United States, and with a Constitution claiming the phrase ?the right to bare arms?, gun control lacks a place. The government fails to have the right to stereotype the type of person allowed to purchase a gun. Though the lack of gun control may have downfalls, forcing the issue of gun control reveals an inability to follow the Constitution.

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