Getting in Touch with the Spiritual Self

Getting in Touch with the Spiritual Self
Gradually, with your willingness redirect your desire from within a new self arise to surface in you; no longer need to fight for survival or no more need to worry to turn on our weakness or you do not need to cast coins for luck because the whole Universe behind your back and you abide the Universal Laws and reach everything that life brings to you.
Sometime you are willing to look at thing more deeply because you encourage working with what happens to you instead of blaming on others is in some way karmic effect you have done before. Because of the mindfulness of the Law of cause and effect may get you and you are vigilant taking precaution and consider twice before you take action so you know no blunder occurs and you are always consulting your Inner Source for guidance. As a result, every action you follow your heart and do it right in the moment and become the better choice and every time you do something automatically transforms you to the conscious present and your whole life feel more relax, more joy and more uplift experience than just dreaming, not transforming. As you are consciously resonated yourself into higher power of awareness within yourself you are actually attract happier events into your self-transform life.
As you continue get in touch with your heart you begin to realize that it?s vast and infinite. You know how gentleness and compassionate this heart is and realize it gets power from the Universal Source, the Mind of God immediately you withdraw your fear and doubtless. Our world seems less solid and full of illusion and unlike the spirit realm is timeless and limitless. You understand yourself better in a deeper level. You know that you have infinite power so you can be there for your friends to resolve their troubles if they invite your presence to help them. However, the awareness comes to you automatically when you feel that you can keep your heart open and conscious your spirit present. With the spirit present you can fulfill everything without effort and be a free spirit.
Finally, when you become a free spirit you are no longer bound by earthly habitual and you do not need to prove anything to anyone, but simply be and enjoy every moment of your own presence and negative thought emotions cannot enter as you are connected with Higher Energy Consciousness, it won?t affect your happiness.

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