Smoking Abuse

Smoking Abuse
The use of tobacco products is common in America, yet tobacco carries the risk of misuse, abuse and addiction. Addiction is a physical dependence, or when a persons behavior is taken over by the nicotine to the point that it interferes with health or well-being.

In America, it is estimated that addiction to nicotine and alcohol directly or indirectly accounts for one-third of all hospital admissions and one-quarter of all deaths. Although tobacco is legal to buy, people find it hard to believe that tobacco is habit forming like other illicit drugs. Children of tobacco abusers are three times more likely than other children to develop addictions and a variety of other problem behaviors later in life.
Nicotine abuse leads to the greatest number of problems of any drug in use in the world today. Nicotine is called the gateway drug of choice that most addicts started off with. Smoking contributes to more than 400,000 deaths each year. These deaths are mainly the result of increased numbers of cases of heart disease and emphysema of the lung.

Smoking increases the risk for cancers of the bladder, pancreas, kidney and cervix. There is an increased risk for gastritis and gastric ulceration in the persons who smoke. Cataracts of the eye lens occur with increased frequency in smokers.

When people decide to quit, it is not that easy as they may think. The most common side effect of quitting is depression; because Nicotine has antidepressant effects. Although many doctors say quitting smoking does not cause depression, but that it may unmask what is already there. Like illicit drugs, people start to smoke to cope with feelings of depressions and loneliness.

In conclusion, I feel that in order to understand smoking abuse one must really read up on all the negative effects smoking will cause in ones life. Not only are you harming yourself; but the second-hand smoke is killing others as well. If you haven?t started smoking then I suggest you don?t; but if you are one of the forty million people who do smoke, then I strongly suggest you stop. ?Just Say No.?

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