The Devastating Impact of Weapons of Mass Destruction

The Devastating Impact of Weapons of Mass Destruction
A burning ball was so bright and vivid overhead. Confusion arose when they realized that it was 8:15 a.m., and that the sun had already risen that day. The people of Hiroshima remember that day as ?the day the sun rose twice? (Motro). They ran in a state of panic as the images of people?s shadows were burned into the cement. This mayhem happened all because of the use of a weapon of mass destruction.
The definition of a weapon of mass destruction is "a device, object, or substance that a person intends to use to cause multiple human deaths (Vernon). According to this definition, things like nuclear, biological and chemical bombs fall into this category. Many people think that, ?such acts deserve universal condemnation?(biological weapons). The use of weapons of mass destruction is wrong. They are illegal, morally wrong, mentally disturbing, and the effects of the impact last forever.

As far back as documented history can tell humans were using weapons to kill each other (Ali). When humans first started to make arrows, they were dipping them into animal waste so that the waste would act like poison. Rebehn M.D. writes, ?The weapon of choice against a civilian enemy became biological, then chemical and nuclear, as soon as scientific advancement and technological development made them available.?

After World War II, the Hague convention was signed. This made it illegal to use weapons of mass destruction. The Geneva Convention, another official document, was signed in London, Moscow, and Washington on April 10, 1972. This particular Convention prohibited the use and production of chemical and biological weapons. While this particular document makes it illegal, most countries are still accused of making such weapons. Everyone was fearful that the Japanese and Germans were developing such weapons (Ali).

In the society that Americans live in, it is not acceptable to kill another human being. By using biological or chemical agents, people are doing just that. Innocent people found themselves caught up in a military struggle for power. The chemical or biological weapons used do not distinguish between soldiers and civilians. Think about little babies with open sores all over them or becoming so sick that they suffer and eventually die. The use of a regular bomb would eliminate the suffering that usually occurs after an attack. Furthermore, bombs would not be dropped on civilians anyway.

Another draw back to the use of these weapons is known as the ?boomerang effect.? This is where the chemicals come and effect the person who dropped the bomb, as well as, the targets. In addition, the agent used usually effects the people who release it (Ali). With this in mind, the military usually cannot find soldiers who are willing to infect themselves and others in such a harmful way. The gases are usually spread in the form of aerosol clouds. Weather patterns are unpredictable. No one knows where the cloud could end up and who it could effect.

The captain of the American bomber did not know the impact of the mission he was sent on. He made a simple statement, ?My God, what have we done?? (Motro). He knew that there was a nuclear bomb on board and he was to drop it over the city of Hiroshima. The bomb was called ?Little Boy.? After he looked back out of his plane he saw the glowing red light and all the smoke. It finally hit him that he killed thousands of innocent people. The nerve agents used can often cause mental diseases. Just the trauma from such an event can be mentally devastating. Diane Myers, R.N., writes, ?research on natural and human-caused disasters, such as terrorism, are more intense and more prolonged than psychological reactions following natural disasters.? The sudden change in life usually makes it harder for human beings to cope with the facts. In addition, the people who do survive have to cope with the aftermath of the attack. They have to look for survivors and bury the mangled people (Myers).

One aspect of the use of weapons of mass destruction is that the effects last forever. The lesson was learned after the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The actual impact of ?Little Boy?, the bomb dropped on Hiroshima, was minimal. Actually, Motro says, ?the number of victims from but one single night of intensive conventional American bombing on Tokyo equaled the 200,000 who would eventually perish from Hiroshima?s explosion.? The radiation used in the bomb effected the blood, eyesight, and nerves of the people for decades. Some of the people even ended up being diagnosed with leukemia. Every time one of the children got a nosebleed, they would have to be taken to the doctor to see if there was an underlying effect from the bomb. The Japanese government, however, still has not declared any evidence that A-bombs cause genetic defects. Muckerheide, a medical researcher wrote, ?Low-dose radiation has been shown to enhance biological responses for immune systems, enzymatic repair, physiological functions, and the removal of cellular damage, including prevention and removal of cancers and other diseases.? This is true for low doses of radiation, but bombs use ridiculously high amounts of radiation. Marriage is also hard on the second-generation victims. People fear that the bomb?s radiation still effects their genes and will in turn effect their own children?s genes (Motro).

All one has to do is look into the past and see the effects of the use of weapons of mass destruction. The children and the elderly are effected by large amounts of radiation. The men who decide to drop the bombs have mentally disturbing flash backs for the rest of their lives. Everyone is a target when weapons of mass destruction are used. It doesn?t matter what the people?s gender are or how old they are. The use of such horrific weapons are just wrong. One would think that since the production and use of biological or chemical weapons is illegal, that people would not use or produce them. There are always those few heartless people who think that the use of such horrible weapons is ok. How can it be ok to play God? Why is it right for one government or terrorist group to have the power to decide to destroy thousands of people at once? The production and use of weapons of mass destruction is repulsive and heartless.

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