The Effects of Acupuncture

The Effects of Acupuncture
Acupuncture is a very ancient Chinese method of healing that consists of the use of very fine needles and other devices to stimulate and balance the flow of energy through channels or meridians in the body. This method is very old in the Asian countries but new one in western countries. Acupuncture is the easiest medical method to heal in the world, and the negative side effects of this method are lower than other accepted medical procedures. In my term paper I will speak about the price of acupuncture comparing to hospitals. Also the diseases which can be cured by this magical method and the persons who are addict most by acupuncture. Moreover, the interaction between acupuncture and medicine as well to prove that acupuncture doesn?t have negative side effect. Acupuncture is the easiest medical method to heal in the world, and the negative side effects of this method are lower than other accepted medical procedures.
The acupuncture?s price is not very expensive so even unfortunate people can afford it. At a first glance, it may seem that acupuncture is much more expensive than going to hospitals. However, by a unique treatment of acupuncture you can heal a lot of diseases at the same time which implies a lower cost of money and time. Indeed, the price of the hospital is very expensive; it includes the charges of the doctor which is by it self too expensive. It also includes the charges of medicines which is not always covered by the mutual insurance company. Depending on countries the price of acupuncture is quit different from one single country to another one. Obviously acupuncture in poor countries is cheaper than those rich countries because it mainly depend of the currency of each country. For example, in morocco according to ?the silhouette hospital? in Rabat, one sitting cost 200 Dirham which can cure many diseases at the same time. That shows that acupuncture doesn?t require a lot of money.

Acupuncture is a very efficient method to cure several diseases. The Cambridge Illustrated History (1996.p.302) summarized that acupuncture can help both physical symptoms and mental conditions. On the one hand physical symptoms (such as headache, sprains, strokes etc) can easily be cured thanks to acupuncture. On the other hand we find that mental condition can be curried by the previous method. Brigham (2000) argued ?conditions that are said to benefit from these treatments include the effects of daily stress, headaches, neck and shoulder pain, aches and pains, allergies, menstrual etc,?(p.6). It has also been found that acupuncture affect positively the hiv virus. Science has found that by the use of acupuncture, smoking can easily quit because this method gives the energy that replaces the effect of smoking and makes you forget the cigarettes.

Acupuncture is both convenient for children and adult. Concerning children, they feel no pain when they are treating by acupuncture thanks to the nature of the needles which are very thin. Adult and specially athlete benefit from this medical acupuncture to avoid any problems of doping and increase their body energy. Also pregnant women benefit from many advantages for both the women themselves and the fetus. According to Bryn Mawr College (2003), ?acupuncture can turn the fetus into a normal position in the womb,? which is very useful to the fetus and the pregnant. These advantages are such the use of natural treatment instead of the chemical ones which can cause many negatives side effect to the pregnant women, and also for the fetus to have a good development.

Although acupuncture has all those great advantages, it?s not very spread. To their patients, doctors invent all kinds of stuff. First, they pretend that acupuncture has no real healthy effect, just psychological ones. Actually, the real interest besides this is to prevent their patients to be convinced by the real good effects of acupuncture method. Doctors say that this method has many negative side effects but in the reality there are no side effects of acupuncture. He claimed, ?Pain reduction of 31% was reported in tension-type headache. No major side effects were reported with acupuncture? (Howard, 1998, p.2.346)

As any medicines method, acupuncture has also rare disadvantages. For example, one of the main risks that acupuncture has is when one of the needles that are used in a sitting breaks into your body. However, this insignificant problem can be easily solved by removing this part of needle from your body by a quick movement. As I said this problem is insignificant comparing to the problems that can happen during surgery operations, even the best surgeon of the world can do errors during classical operations, and those errors contrarily to the insignificant one that can be made in acupuncture, is irrevocable, in most of the cases, the errors of surgery operations can leads to death.

The acupuncture is a medical technique on which needles are inserted at specific points along the meridians just under the skin to stimulate this method is the easiest medical one?s to heal in the world, and the negative side effects of this method are lower than other accepted medical procedures. So the advantages of acupuncture dominate the disadvantages because of the things that have been said above. For example, the price of acupuncture is cheaper than going to hospitals, the diseases which cured by acupuncture, the persons who benefit most from the acupuncture, relations between acupuncture and medicine and if it?s acupuncture has negative side effect.

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