College Life

College Life
As children grow up, they have to move on. College is one of the stages that you will probably go through. As you come up on these new things, you have to make the right decisions. If you make the wrong choice it could ruin your life. If the wrong choices are made there will be long and short term results. Two of the biggest mistakes a student can make are not going to class and not turning work in on time.
One short term effect of not going to class or not turning in your work is that teachers don?t really want to work with you. A teacher is not going to feel sorry for a student that does not do anything in their class. Think to yourself, why someone would help you if you never pay any attention to them? Also, you will never really learn anything if you don?t go to class. Then the result of a person never holding up to their responsibilities will be the failure to pass any classes. This will eventually lead to you failing out of school.
As you move on in life you will recognize the long term effects. One of the biggest results is that you do not get an education. This can be a very big problem if you ever want to get a job. If you go try to get a job without a college education, you will be very disappointed. You will keep going on interviews and never get the call back from the employer. You will end up at some fast food restaurant flipping burgers for the rest of your life.
Also, you will never be able to spend very much money due to your budget. You will never be able to go out and buy your wants, and most importantly your needs. Then you have to look at all the money that you have just wastes. Spending a lot of money to put you through school and you just fail out. Knowing that your money is not an item that you just like to throw away, your parents will be very upset with you.
Also it may show a lack of responsibility that you can not make it through school. It shows that you do not really know where your priorities are. This may also push it to the point that people loss respect for you. People are not going to trust you when they ask you for a favor, knowing that you are not responsible. You have to take control and get your work done. You will not always be able to have a second chance.
The choices that you make are your own decisions. Knowing the cause and effect of some actions, you know what choices to make. Also, knowing that there are long term and short term effects of not going to class and not turning your work in, make the right choice. In the long run if you go to class and are successful you will get more out of life. College can be the best time of your life if you work hard. So make the right choices and got to class.

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