Practice Phrasal Verbs

An idiom is a phrase that has a meaning different from the meanings of its parts. Idiomatic expressions are commonly used and understood slang phrases. An essential kind of idiom is the phrasal verb, a verb whose meaning is changed when a second word is added. The second word is known as a particle. Verb + particle = phrasal verb. Below are some examples of phrasal verbs. To look means to see, or to search for something. Look up - to get or find information. Examples include: Would you look up his phone number for me? I don't know what time the next bus leaves. I'll have to look it up. Look up to - to admire. I've always looked up to my wife.

Look on - to watch, like a spectator watches a game or event. We looked on sadly as the football team lost. Look out - to be careful or watchful (for some type of danger). Look out! That bus is coming this way! Look out for falling hail as you drive on the road. Look out for - to protect My older sister looks out for me in the playground. They're cousins who always look out for each other.

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