Nurse Experience: Pain Management

Nurse Experience: Pain Management
Look back: Few days ago, In my clinical placement I was assigned to a care for mrs. B.M who had an operation in her lumbar area.

Elaborate: Introduced myself and my designation. I decided to check vital signs. Around 0720 patient complained of severed pain at the incision site, when I asked the patient to rate the pain on a scale of 0-10 she could not. Immediately I notified my instructor that my patients complained of pain and I would like to administer to her the prn morphine injection.
As I administrated the injection to the patient, suddenly the patient scream ?it hurt? and that really terrified me and at the end of the procedure my teacher said good Felicia for the excellent job
According to the research done by Mackintosh; Carolyn 2007 pain management is very important in the post operative client in order decrease unwarranted distress and to reduce potential complication pharmacology should be in combination with the method use to reduce post operative pain. In listing to patient complain and individual respond to the situation and create avenue for communication. Pain is an individualize subjective data that they should recognize as an unpleasant sensory and emotional experience that occurred with actual and potential damage/destruction, as well as cultural, gender, age and past experience. Inadequate assessment of pain causes a profound effect on the patient creating anger and frustration, sleep deprivation, restlessness, irritability, and aggression. My patient was anxious, irritated due believe the pain was still strong. If the pain is not well assessed it could lead to different complication and it can cause delay discharge. However tolerate assessed was the key to use to monitor patient pain effectively and to know what type of intervention administration needed medication.

Revise: Since the patient could not rate the level of her pain at because of the intensity of the pain, I will check and assess will check and assess when the last dose of the medication given, I will administer the drug immediately. As well as to keep the patient comfortable and to decrease any stimuli that can irritate. Going into the patient room frequently to assess well of pain. I will also use divisional therapies like applying cool compress and offering magazine to distract patient from fussing in her problem.

New perspective: In the event of the future occurrence I will ask the patient about her past pain experience and how she managed it. Other method use to alleviate pain. Research on diversity of culture, to explore how different culture can bear pain.

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