Evaluation of English Course

Evaluation of English Course
This semester, in English 098, the basic writing skills were covered. The
course outline contains the Writing Process, Types of Essays, and Elements of an
Essay. This essay will also include my personal opinion on how this course was
The first topic is the Writing Process. This is proofreading, topic sentences,
tense, grammar, conclusion, and many more. It basically is the format of writing a
paper in essay form. Next topic is the Types of Essays. They are as followed: Process Essay is a
?How to? essay. Personal Profile is when the writer describes a person that is
known. Next, the Evaluative Summary Essay. This copies a movie critic.
Comparison and Contrast Essay compares two object to each other. The Illustration
Essay tells a story, Issue Analysis argues, The Cause and Effect Essay explains a
topic, and the Definition Essay defines and explains. The last essay is the
Classification Essay.
The Elements of an Essay is followed by the critique sheet. It is simply the
structures of writing such as sentence length, active or passive voice, and point of
The way this course was taught, by Professor Jeanne Dallman, made it so
easy. She always gave a thorough description of what was being explained and gave
examples. When explanations were given, Professor would use situations that
concerned the class with everyday life or human interest. That helped the students
see her point and understand. Examples were always given. Either written on the
board or said over and over, Professor Dallman would never continue the class if

someone had a question. She used visual and automotive teaching. By teaching the
way she had, the course was easy and clear to students. I defiantly give this course
and the Professor a ?PASS +?. The way it was taught and how I personally know
that I will remember the material shows how good of a course it is.

Evaluation of English Course 9.5 of 10 on the basis of 1008 Review.