Code of ethics

Code of ethics
What I have experienced over my 43 years of living, both personally and professionally, forms my thoughts, beliefs and feelings and therefore drives what I can call my personal code of ethics. The following briefly describes the core ideals that I maintain:
? Honesty ? I firmly believe that honesty is the best policy. It will have to be an extreme situation that involves serious injury, damage or other loss that will convince me that not being truthful is best. I realize that the truth can often be very painful, can cause anger, distrust and hatred but I feel that if I have been truthful and given someone all of the information, they will possibly hold me in a higher regard. This honesty will hopefully allow a greater trust between us and future dealings will be less likely to be strained. Legal ? I am a person that follows the laws of the land. I feel that it is wrong to steal, cheat, lie or mislead with the intent to make a personal gain. I strive to be a law-abiding citizen.

I work in the pharmaceutical industry. The fda code of regulations requires this industry to be very stringent in all that we do in the development and manufacture of drug products. This includes drug products for food and companion animals. Many times during the manufacturing process, conditions arise that would possibly render a product or process unsanitary or contaminated. Failing to stop a process and correct this type of situation is considered a federal offense and is a violation of the law that is punishable by jail. We have been trained to treat these conditions very seriously and follow regulations at all times. If we do not it is possible that someone could lose his or her life.

? Empathy ? When dealing with people and making decisions, I try to be empathetic and consider a person?s feelings and the effect my decisions could make on them and how they feel. I do not feel that it is acceptable for me to be responsible for anyone feeling badly.

? Diversity ? I feel that every person has the right to an opinion, idea, dream, or vision. It is my ethical responsibility to allow each person this right and consideration.

? Integrity ? The above mentioned items to me are a key indicator of a person who has integrity and who can be regarded as a responsible person who will think and treat others with respect and will make ethical decisions and choices.

Code of ethics 9.4 of 10 on the basis of 2019 Review.