AS/DS 434, Animal Science, Reproductive Physiology, Lecture Exam I 2004

AS/DS 434, Animal Science, Reproductive Physiology, Lecture Exam I 2004
You have been asked to give a presentation to a 6th grade science class on reproduction. You decide you will bring a sow and a boar reproductive tract. As a handout for the 6th grade class, prepare a list of the structures in the sow and the boar along with a major function of each structure. Confine your handout to only structures that the students would see with their own eyes. (10 points sow, 10 points boar)
Structure Function

Structure Function

In describing the gonads to the 6th grade class, you explain the sequence of structure development on the female gonad. When your students examine the sow reproductive tract, the gonad does not look like what you described. You realize that you were describing the cow gonad. How should you change the description of the sow gonad? (5 points)

Answer the following relative to Testicular Feminization (not freemartin) in an XY bovine:
Underlying cause (4 points)?
Describe what happens to each of the following during development of a bovine with this syndrome. Be sure to include why this is occurring.
Mullerian ducts (4 points)
Wollfian ducts (4 points)
External Genitalia (4 points)
GnRH surge center in the hypothalamus (4 points)
Hormones ? Fill in the table, but only enter one item in each space (you will get no credit if more than one item is listed in a space and any part is wrong). (20 points)

Hormone Biochemical Source Male Female Action in Action in
Target Male Female
Classification Target Tissue
GnRH xxxxxxx xxxxxxx
LH xxxxxxx xxxxxxx
Progesterone xxxxxxx xxxxxxx
PGF2a xxxxxxx xxxxxxx
Testosterone xxxxxxx xxxxxxx

Describe the action of fsh in the male. Begin with fsh release from its source, transport to its target cell and then the molecular mechanism of action in the target cell to produce a response within that target cell. (10 points).

What is the importance of alpha fetal protein. (3 points)

What evidence is there that in the female the major change that brings on the LH surge at puberty is changes in estradiol feedback sensitivity from negative to positive? (5 points)
Why does the positive feedback of estradiol at puberty become regulated so that it only occurs every 21 days in cattle or every 17 days in sheep? (2 points)
Female Cyclicity
What type of estrous cycle does each of the following species have (1 point each)
Cow -

Ewe -

Queen -

Sow -

Bitch -

How do follicles and estrogen change during proestrus in the cow. (5 points)
How does increasing melatonin levels effect GnRH release and cyclicity in the ewe? (5 points)

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