Side Effects of Caffeine

Side Effects of Caffeine
Caffeine, which occurs naturally in coffee, tea, and cocoa, belongs to a class of drugs known as xantnine stimulants. On a daily basis, more people use caffeine than any other psychoactive drugs. Many use it regularly, and there is evidence for dependence. Caffeine has a longer-lasting effect than many people realize. Should it be controlled more carefully? In my opinion, yes. Daily use of large amounts of caffeine increases the risk of heart attacks, can cause difficulties during and after pregnancy, and may contribute to fibrocystic breast disease.There are many reasons for believing that caffeine increases the risk of heart attacks. There were some studies that found such a relationship (New York Times, November 2000). Recording to many articles, those who drank five or more cups per day were about 2.5 times as likely as nondrinkers to suffer from coronary heart disease. Also, those who drink five or more cups per day, were about twice as likely to suffer a heart attack as those who drink no coffee (Straine, p22)
Another reason why caffeine should be used carefully is that it contributes to fibrocystic breast disease ( While this is not a form of cancer, it can turn into cancer at a later stage.
Last but not least, there is a relationship between caffeine and birth defects. Recent studies point out that caffeine can reduce a woman?s chances of becoming pregnant (Melton, p17). Therefore, the best advice for women who want to become pregnant and give birth to a strong, healthy baby is to avoid caffeine, which is not good for their health. Doctors do not advise the use of caffeine during pregnancy.
In conclusion, we can see that using caffeine is not healthy at all. People should control it more carefully. The risk of heart attacks, breast disease and problems during pregnancy are just some of cons of caffeine. As for my self, I try to avoid caffeine because I am concerned about how caffeine can affect my health.

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