Researchers Find Movies Key To Learning a New Language

Mastering a second language just got easier. Specialized movies have blended entertainment and reading to create an enjoyable, yet effective way to learn.

How is this so? It's possible thanks to the "natural approach."

Developed by Stephen Kashen, a linguistics expert, the natural approach is a philosophy that people can learn a second language naturally if input is enjoyable, relaxed, entertaining and relevant.

The concept has been shaped through research in linguistics, psychology, psycholinguistics and, most recently, multisensory media technology. The most modern and revolutionary of these multisensory media technologies is called "Action Captions," found in ReadENT Reading Movies, developed by SFK Media Specially for Kids Corp.

With Action Captions, the spoken words appear on screen in real time, without disrupting the flow of the movie. Scientists and educators indicate that action captions activate the cognitive elements of the brain so the development of both reading and spoken language skills take place naturally.

Action Captions help people that are learning English as a second language by improving their reading, comprehension, vocabulary and fluency skills with fun, interactive movies.

Made for use by children and adults alike, ReadENT Reading Movies are available on DVD featuring such classic titles as "20,000 Leagues Under the Sea," "Tales of Gulliver's Travels" and "The Trojan Horse."

While watching the movies, viewers also can enjoy interactive quizzes and games to make the learning experience even more engaging.

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